Authors Guild Sues Google, As Expected

from the who-didn't-see-this-coming dept

theodp writes “Citing “massive copyright infringement,” the Authors Guild slapped Google with a class action lawsuit Tuesday over the search giant’s scanning and copying of books for its Google Library program. The complaint seeks damages and an injunction to halt further infringements.” Saw this one earlier, and almost didn’t think it was worth mentioning because it was so expected. But, people keep submitting it, so we’ll go with the first one who did. Google is obviously ready for this legal battle, believing they’re in a good position, but it will still be interesting to see how this turns out.

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Comments on “Authors Guild Sues Google, As Expected”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Links

It will be ridiculous if Google doesn’t win this one. It’s ridiculous enough that they even need to deal with this lawsuit. The author’s guild is just greedy and stupid.

Google is only helping them out and they have covered every back door and taken every precaution.


What’s so hard to understand? On top of that, how is this any different than, say, Amazon including small clips of music on a few songs from an album?

Let me help, IT’S NOT.

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