Opera Finally Realizes That Nobody Pays For Browsers

from the oh,-look-at-that... dept

It only took a few years, but Opera has finally realized that people really won’t ever pay for a browser when all of the competition is free. They’ve done away with the license fee and taken the ads out of the free version they did offer, in the hopes of actually getting some users. This seems like a more effective marketing strategy than silly publicity stunts involving your CEO pretending to swim across the ocean.

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Comments on “Opera Finally Realizes That Nobody Pays For Browsers”

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Anonymous Coward says:

People don't pay for browsers but Companies do

All the companies I have worked for in the past 10 years have paid for browsers. Netscape required a fee once upon a time, and companies paid that fee so they could have someone to badger if things went pear-shaped. Everyone pays for IE because, lawsuit remedies to the contrary notwithstanding, its the friggin operating system and that operating system ain’t free. The right to cripple Netscape Navigator for use as the only ad-belching browser supported by your Nazi ISP was sold to AOL, NetZero and others: this funded Gecko development which produced Navigator and Mozilla. I’m convinced there are companies that purchased Opera licenses for use with work they do on the Internet, especially for high-stake situations where they needed to get ahold of someone to fix a problem right away. For example, trading stocks over the Internet– you need every link in the chain to work or you might lose thousands of dollars. From experience I know you can’t call Microsoft about IE and expect to get any meaningful help, so you buy a browser. Here’s a suggestion, Techdirt: try to understand the corporate philosophy so you can attract those customers, even if they appear to be colossal morons.

DigitalBomb (user link) says:


Companies would definetly pay for a browser. However, Opera was not marketed for companies, as you could see. Sure, some companies may have purchased Opera, but the website did not specifically target them. First rule of selling a product or service: Target an audiance.

I use Mozilla Firefox for graphical purposes, but otherwise, I use the Unix browser: Lynx. It is text-based, and is the original Unix Web browser. Ironicly, it beats the pants off of Opera and IE. Then again, it does not take much to beat IE…

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