Is Hollywood Calling Their Own Bluff?

from the can-they-be-that-clueless? dept

Yesterday we mentioned how Hollywood seemed to believe that the tech industry was holding out on them and not creating some sort of magic copy protection system that would actually work. We knew that this would be a waste of money, but Ed Felten has an even better point. Not only will this move fail, but it’s basically Hollywood calling their own bluff. When it comes out that they can’t actually build copy protection that works, the repeated assertions by the entertainment industry that it’s really possible to build working copy protection will be shown as false — and they won’t be able to blame the tech industry for holding out on them any more.

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Comments on “Is Hollywood Calling Their Own Bluff?”

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Herbert says:

Tech Industry didn't hold back, we moved on.

we’ve CD Key and all those protection for games and software Way before file sharing became a problem. Today, we still do, but it’s pretty much useless. But, we’ve a new biz model now. Take World of Warcraft as an example. Sure there are ppl cracked the game, but what good does that do? you can’t play online, and that game is all about online game play. Even when Bizard is charging an arm and a leg for the subscribion and the servers are slow and crashes, there are still Millions of players. it’s time for those dumb a$$ in the music/movie industry to wake up and rethink their biz model.

geekGirl says:


Hmmm… even if you hate the DMCA, can you still use it? Here’s a suggestion: all hardware and software vendors who sell media-playing products should sue MovieLabs for violation of the DMCA… after all, doesn’t any DRM strategy involve reverse engineering applications and hardware to disable existing functionality?

Mousky (user link) says:

Re: Re: Won't work - why?

Because the DRM for CDs can be overridden. My wife bought me the latest Foo Fighters CD and lo and behold it was “copy protected”. It wouldn’t play on my computer and I was unable to rip the cd. A search on Google revealed the solution: the removal of a driver that was installed when the CD was inserted into the computer.

Anonymous Coward says:


Hollywood will take a page from the Bush Administration Handbook and claim whatever the hell it wants about copy-protection technology.

Not technologically feasible? What are you talking about, we have it right here.

Doesn’t work as advertised? Nonsense; of course it does.

Copying files doesn’t satisfy the legal definition of “theft?” Shut up, you lying, hell-bound pirate!

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