Jamster Tries To Deflect Complaints With PR-Friendly Parental Controls

Mobile content seller Jamster (known as Jamba in other parts of the world) has been held up as one of the prime proponents of somewhat shady business practices that are hurting the ringtone business. Its aggressive advertising and unclear subscription schemes that have sucked in a lot of kids have landed it in regulatory trouble in Europe and in court in the US. But now, in the UK, it’s set up a parental opt-out system so people can go enter their kids’ phone numbers and preclude them from subscribing to any Jamster services. This isn’t much more than window dressing that serves to shift the blame back to parents when their kids end up with a bunch of unwanted charges. Instead of forcing parents to opt their kids out of services, why not just change the underlying business and advertising practices so it’s not a problem in the first place?

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