Why Steal Identities When You Can Make Them Up Completely?

from the ah,-the-new-fraud dept

While all of the attention these days is on identity theft, that may not be the biggest problem for some banks. One of the downsides to identity theft for crooks these days is that victims might notice their identity is being misused, ruining a perfectly nasty scam. So, instead, crooks are increasingly just making up identities. Since banks are so desperate for customers, they’re not checking that carefully. The crooks keep up the charade for a while, making the customer look perfectly legitimate until they can get credit cards… and then go on a spending spree that never gets paid back.

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Comments on “Why Steal Identities When You Can Make Them Up Completely?”

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Andrew Strasser (user link) says:

Re: The cost of a fake identity.

The cost of a fake identity from many states across the country can be as low as $75 usd. This is a rather small amount compared to what you could do with that power. To change names everyday wold basically make you unstopable. Though I would assume that they will find some they could never find them all as there are tens to hundreds of thousands doing this in the U.S. every day.

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