Skype's Billion-Dollar Idea? Ringtones

from the they'll-be-charging-to-use-smilies-next dept

All this talk about just exactly what eBay is going to do with Skype and how it’s going to justify the billions they spent on it seem to be missing the latest paid Skype service that’s sure to just rake in the cash: ringtones and wallpapers for your Skype client. Yes, seriously. Skype’s hoping people will pay a buck for a sound or picture — which is slightly odd, since users can already change sounds to another file on their computer and use their own buddy icons. It’s obvious Skype sees the big sales of ringtones and wallpapers on mobile phones, and thinks they can get something similar going. But on a mobile phone, this type of content is as much about showing it off to other people as it is about personalization. It’s doubtful people see Skype as similar outlet, but it’s even more doubtful they’ll spend money on these things when it would appear they can already be done for free. The real question though, is if this is just a poorly thought out plan, or something that smacks of Skype’s desperation to generate some revenues.

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Comments on “Skype's Billion-Dollar Idea? Ringtones”

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Pete Cashmore (user link) says:


I’m not sure if this idea is really suited to Skype’s current user base, but the idea of merging Paypal’s micropayment system (the one that just got cheaper) with Skype means that we will no doubt have premium rate Skype calling soon. Hopefully this area will be dominated by consulting services run by top experts, rather than tarot and sex lines.

e_kraft100 says:


I don’t know what the big worry is. Did anyone ever sit down and think about what it would be like not to pay for a phone call. After all are we not already paying for a landline, a modem, or cable coming into our homes. My questions is why not take advantage of skypes, cr vanages services? How is taking advantage of a new technolgy a bad thing? I don’t know about you, but I love not pyaing for something I can get for free. after all Isn’t that the American way?

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