Or Maybe It's Desktop Widgets That Everyone Will Fight Over

from the widgets-everywhere dept

So maybe it isn’t blog searching that’s the next big battlefield for search engines. A month and a half after Yahoo picked up widget maker Konfabulator and Google launched their Sidebar app, Microsoft is launching Microsoft Gadgets — which is basically a clone of Konfabulator or Apple’s Dashboard Widgets (itself a clone of Konfabulator). It’s not hard to see why everyone’s trying to jump out of the browser and onto the desktop, but that desktop is going to get pretty crowded pretty quickly.

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Comments on “Or Maybe It's Desktop Widgets That Everyone Will Fight Over”

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Greg says:

Re: Learn your history...

NSN – The idea that Konfabulator/Widgets are copies of Desktop Accessories. The unique thing about Desktop Accessories was that it compensated for the Mac’s inability to multitask properly. The general idea of a desk accessory that performs A specific small program performing a specific task is itself not anybody’s innovation; Microsoft has had stuff such as Calculator in Windows forever as well. These types of programs are as old as pcs. Claiming that Konfabulator is a copy of Desk Accessories is like claiming Word is a copy of WordStar. They’re obviously in the same class of applications, but that does not mean the later product is a copy. The innovation of Konfabulator is how it works, and that the way it works enables users to make their own Widgets. That is what Apple copied.

De Badd Ass says:

Re: Re: Learn your history...

Hmmm…. I made my own desk accessory back in the eighties. It wasn’t very hard although it was written in C.

Plenty of others made them as well. Some even sold them as shareware or commercial software – companies like Mark of the Unicorn.

That’s the big difference between Tiger Widgets and Konfabulator. The Konfabulator license won’t let you sell Widgets. That’s why Tiger Widgets attracts the better developers.

g0es says:

Re: Re: Microsoft has OS X envy

isn’t bigot a strong word. The apple cult can be bad, but i don’t think it is that bad.

Who care about who copied who. Widgets can be handy and as long as they aren’t the exact same product from each company widgets will become better. Look at GUIs in general. If apple hadn’t come out with OS X there would be no reason for Microsoft to make a better GUI.

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