Mobile Content Insiders Not So Interested In Mobile Content?

from the oh,-we're-supposed-to-use-it-too? dept

We were just pointing out how most people were still pretty clueless when it came to mobile data on their phones. That wasn’t that surprising, but it may be more interesting to find out that even those who work in the mobile content industry aren’t exactly heavy users of mobile data. It’s not quite as bad as the title of that article implies. They are downloading some content. Only 14% of those surveyed had never downloaded content. And 75% had downloaded content within the last month — so there is some usage. However, it’s clearly not overwhelmingly addictive. Fewer than half of the industry insiders had downloaded mobile content in the last week. It could be much worse, obviously, but at the very least, it shows that downloading mobile content is likely to be an infrequent practice, even for those who know all about it. Downloading ringtones and such may be fun every once in a while, but how often do people really want to do it? Especially at the ridiculously high prices everyone seems to charge? Update Then again, perhaps this whole thing is meaningless. The details show that the entire survey encompassed… 100 people. Fairly small sample size, wouldn’t you say?

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