Apple Finds Out That Not Everything Can Be A Trade Secret

from the you-can't-hide-everything dept

One thing that clearly is no secret at all is that Apple is a secretive company. They never like to reveal what they’re working on until they’re launched. However, they’ve extended that to other areas, often claiming that just about anything they don’t want discussed is a “trade secret.” That, of course, was part of their defense in suing some bloggers over early postings of certain product announcements. In fighting that case, the EFF noted that Apple might have broken the law in not conducting a full internal investigation before sending out subpoenas to journalist/bloggers to get at their sources. So, Apple turned around and claimed that their internal investigation process was also a trade secret and they wouldn’t reveal publicly what kind of investigation they took. A judge, however, has said that’s ridiculous and has unsealed the documents that show Apple only conducted a cursory internal investigation before sending out the subpoenas.

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