Take Two Ideas That No One Wants And Merge Them!

from the that'll-show-them... dept

Ah, convergence for the sake of convergence. It seems to happen way too often, but it’s doubly fun when it involves two concepts where demand has been lacking. So, take video VoIP phones, which don’t seem to have very much appeal, and mobile broadcast video and what do you get? ABC News has done a deal with VoIP provider ViseonMedia to send video newscasts to VoIP videophones. But why? That part, unfortunately seems to be missing. This would appear to have even less appeal that mobile video, as you can’t even get it on the go, but need to be hooked up to wherever your VoIP connection is. Of course, if you have the VoIP connection, you probably also have a computer connected to a broadband line where you can see the same damn content. You might also be able to turn on a TV and see it there as well.

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