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Jeff Bezos wants your spare change. has teamed up with Coinstar, the folks who put those machines in supermarkets everywhere and try to get you to dump your change into them in return for cash (for which they take an 8.9% fee). So, now, instead of being handed a receipt you can redeem at the grocery store register, you’ll get a code you can use at Apparently, if you get your coins redeem in Amazon dollars, Coinstar won’t charge you the 8.9% — which makes you wonder what Coinstar is getting out of the deal. Either way, it’s an interesting way for Bezos and crew to try to get you to empty your piggy bank directly into the Amazon bank account.

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Comments on “Spare Change For”

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Pete Austin says:

That Dorpus comment in Googlejap

???B?͋@?B???d?݂??悤??Borel ?Z?b?g, ?L???ȃV?O?} ?????Ƃ??Čڋqlebesgue ?̑????Ƃ????؂?????Coinstar’s ???`???邩. ?[?????[???͂ւł???1 ?オ???悤??, ?F?͉????? ?Ȃ?, ?????悤??0 ??1 ?Ԃ̂??ׂĂ̗L?????̑S??0, ?܂??͓??? ?????̂??߂̉??????????Z?܂킹?Ȃ?????.Google translate. Assuming Techdirt’s form can cope, that should be much better. BTW the value of coins is a scalar, but a Lebesgue Measure applies to volumes.

I expect Amazon will be paying Coinstar, in return for the additional business.

Greg Andrew says:

No Subject Given

Coinstar is effectively buying Amazon gift certificates at a discount and then selling them to customers at full price. They’ve done this with a few other companies in the past, but Amazon is the first Internet retailer. For Amazon, this is similar to dealing with an affiliate, but the most important thing for Amazon is that this is a way to attract customers who don’t have credit cards and so can’t really order from Amazon over the net.

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