Are Firms Too Reliant On Anti-Virus Software?

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ZaneK writes “A Sophos senior virus researcher says that anti-virus software cannot be relied upon to keep networks virus-free: “I always say, ‘Do not rely on antivirus software’. In 99 per cent of cases you cannot. The problem is we have to see a virus before we can detect it. If antivirus is in place, it may not detect [a virus] because it may be very targeted for you.”” The most annoying thing about this is that this isn’t a new idea. Anyone who feels protected because of their antivirus software is only asking for trouble — yet, suddenly it’s newsworthy when one security company comes out and admits what everyone should know already?

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Comments on “Are Firms Too Reliant On Anti-Virus Software?”

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malhombre says:

anti-virus software

Weeel, we here of ginormous compooter expertise certainly should be aware of the fact that all virus detection code is mainly post facto, but how many mom-n-pop operations are relying on their whiz-kid relative to do IT (“he knows everything about computers!)?
It does serve a useful purpose to announce these otherwise obvious things every now and then, if only to alert the newbies and the naive, perhaps.

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