Apple Finally Scores An iPod Patent… Oh Wait, No They Haven't

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In the last few months, all of the news about patents and the iPod were about other companies scoring patents related to the iPod. However, it looks Apple has finally succeeded, if only on an accessory to the iPod. is claiming that Apple received a patent on a car iPod dock that fits in a cupholder. The patent number given in the article doesn’t seem to work. The only thing I could find is this patent that was granted back in April, but which sounds similar. Update: Well isn’t that just like to get it wrong. The reason the patent number didn’t work is because it’s a patent that has just been published not granted. So, Apple hasn’t yet scored the patent at all, and some in the comments are already noting prior art.

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Comments on “Apple Finally Scores An iPod Patent… Oh Wait, No They Haven't”

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Pete Austin says:

Link to the Patent

An apparatus that can secure an electronic device and be inserted into a conventional cup holder is described. The cup holder, for example, is inside of an automobile. The electronic device being held can be a variety of devices that include a digital music player. One embodiment of the invention includes a spool about which connecting cable can be wound. Adapting sleeves that fit around the base of the apparatus can be used to adapt electronic device holder to cup holders of different sizes and shapes. United States Patent Application: 0050147951

It looks very similar to TuneDok Car Holder for iPod

Mike Brown (user link) says:

"Patent" Number

The reason the “patent number” doesn’t work is that it isn’t a patent number, and Apple hasn’t “scored” a patent. That is a published patent application, only, not an issued patent. The 2005/ series number is the publication number.

You can look up published applications on the USPTO website at:

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