Yahoo Getting PR Body Slammed

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It would seem that September is not Yahoo’s month. Lots of companies end up facing period of bad press, but in the last week alone — with much of it coming in the last day — it’s amazing to see how many stories have started spreading that cast Yahoo in a negative light. Last week it kicked off with the story that the latest version of Yahoo’s instant messaging offering bundled a lot more than users asked for in the “default” install — leading to a number of pissed off users. Yesterday, came the accusations that Yahoo was becoming a haven for phishing scams and the quickly spreading news from this evening was the story of how Yahoo may have given Chinese officials the info they needed to track down and jail a journalist who had reported on things the Chinese government didn’t want revealed. To top it all off, I just came across an article saying that Al Qaeda terrorists are using Yahoo mailing lists — again, placing the blame squarely on Yahoo. Obviously, there are a lot of different ways to respond to the various stories, but it seems like Yahoo has suddenly become a magnet for negative stories.

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Comments on “Yahoo Getting PR Body Slammed”

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BH says:

Re: No Subject Given

While they may ignore complaints, they randomly cut off others for very minor violations of their terms of use. For example, my mother’s yahoo email account was suspended for spamming when all she did was occasionally forward humurous chain-emails to members of her own family. The only thing that made that a violation is that she FORWARDED them instead of copying the content and pasting it into a new email.

Robert Archibald says:

Re: Re: Re:

My complaint is that everytime I get on a discussion site of yahoo’s pertaining to a news story, I get cut of after posting several times. I represent the conservative viewpoint and seldom if ever do I profane the content of my postings or replies.

I read many of the left leaning responses filled with hatred and profanity, and they are never cutoff from the discussions.

I can continue reading the discussion messages, but once I’m terminated for whatever, I am supposed to have done, I can no longer respond.

Complaints and emails to Yahoo have failed to acknowledge any response. It really irritates me. I have begun to believe that yahoo is a front for liberal and leftist organizations.

Their whole reason for existence is to bash America and anything that stands as patriotic.

Show me where I am wrong, please.

Anons Anonymous says:

yahoo complaints are substantive

What I find doubly interesting is that the recent spate of less-than-positive attention that Yahoo is receiving has actual substance, (for example: installing all sorts of crap on your system behind the original install…) while so very much of the less-than-positive attention that Google has been getting lately is on closer examination completely airy-fairy and lacks substance.


D Flagg says:

Re: Re: yahoo complaints are substantive

I am having problems with Yahoo with not getting thru–not able to get server–extremely slow getting info up..almost as bad as dial up. Have tuned and retuned computer–no problem–no virus–just Yahoo unable to deliver. Very frustrating. Haven’t the faintest idea on how to complain to Yahoo directly and even if I were able to do so I have no faith in any response.

anon says:

some days...

Some days make me proud to be a yahoo, others make me ashamed. In the midst of all the bad press yahoo raised $13,000,000 in one day for the red cross, which is pretty great. All companies (ALL) do some good stuff and some bad stuff, and ultimately I have to ask myself if my company is doing more harm or good in the world, and if I really want to contribute my skills to the overall mission. It’s something I think about every day.

From the inside we see what is happening on both sides every day, so reading the press coverage is just a guage of what others think, not what is actually happening.

As for Yahoo not responding to complaints, everyone should know that people here read every news story that mentions the company, and we also read a lot of the blog postings and emails. Of course we can’t always solve problems, but we absolutely know that the problems exists.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: some days...

anon on Sep 7th, 2005 @ 10:42am reality would tell you what is actually happening such as Yahoo not willing to solve problems that they know they can solve.

By responding to complaints, Yahoo Staff not to give 2 different answer on the same matter, do something about spam as I am still getting the same spam after I reported it many times to Yahoo etc etc.

ex-Yahoo User says:

Re: some days...

And Yahoo absolutely know that problems such as not responding to complaints, replying with a standard form letter reply that has nothing to do with complaints etc etc

Has always existed, so why don’t Yahoo just do something about the problems, instead of just ducking and weaving, not helping people etc etc etc

suzanne miller says:

blocked from my account

because I don’t remember what I changed my password to.

The password help is useless to me because I can’t remember what I entered at registration.

I don’t know why they can’t send my password hint to my alternate email.

Several emails to customer service have gone unanswered.

I would be willing to delete the entire account and start all over, but they won’t let me without my password.

Sooo, I guess my account will just exist out there, taking up space until the end of time.

Very, very frustrating.

Other than this, I have been extremely pleased with my free yahoo email for years.

Tips are welcome.

Alex says:

Re: blocked from my account

I have a similar problem to Suzanne. First, a virus wiped my hard drive, which was replaced (I suspect the virus came via Yahoo mail). When I got my computer back and tried to log onto my Yahoo mail account, I got the “invalid ID or password” message. I tried all the “sign-in help’ stuff. I even tried changing the password.

Nothing works.

I’ve sent 8 emails to “Customer Care” since July 10, and only ever had the automated response promising “A support representative will get back to you within 24 hours regarding your issue.”

No one has got back to me. Clearly, no on intends to.

Put simply, access to my Yahoo email account is being blocked, and they appear to have no intention to do anything about it.

I realise I made a mistake relying on Yahoo mail. There refusal to fix what is probably simple fault is very disappointing.

I’d like to know if Yahoo has ever done anything to help anyone with problems with their service at any time in the past. From here, it seems unlikely.

Adam papier says:

Yahoo hates us!

I made a mistake and invested forty bucks in a yahoo Music account- my bad. But it’s been a year and I was assured that I’d get a renewal notice so I’ve just been waiting to cancell. Anyway, today I noticed that they charged another $40 to my CC so I called to have the charge removed (yeah right!) and cancell. Seems as if they can’t send renewall notices to addresses (which must be BS since I get adds every day from them) and need to send this notice to another account! So in order for this promised renewal notice, which I don’t believe exists, to reach me I need another E-mail address?!?! Come on!

And of corse they won’t cancell the service now or pro rate the fee which was charged only 4 days ago. And, by the way, their customer service is the worst I’ve ever dealt with! I think they basically said, “o well, cancell next year,” although I could barely understand anyone. They also wouldn’t give me their names or any manager.

M Newbury says:

yahoo don;t give a damn

here is content of mails sent to yahoo returned as undeliverable, as is ALL cmplaints/help requests to yahoo.. read and avoid Yahoo like the plague they really are………

Hey guess what, I was right … Yahoo, Yahoo, whats that .. only phantom, and whats a phantom, something that you just AN’T get hold of, oh yeah… that’s what Yahoo is…. a parasite that feeds off what it calls it’s “users”, well I ask you , who’s using who. Got a problem with yahoo… go search your heart out, n good luk cus you’ll die before ou find
em.. but hey wanna advertise or god forbid, actually pay for second rate services, and their all over you like fleas, hey thats a damn good annalogy. A flea is a parasite, hey YAHOO. you listening to your new name, like crap you are. read below and you’ll see i was right. but why should you give a monkey’s, you never have before and you never will, well the worm will turn, the worm will turn.

I did have untill today when YOU that is YAHOO deactivated my account under the user name of (concealed for this posting), you claim the request was from ME, but you conveiently ignore ALL requests for help and to re-activate my account. I am STILL waiting for my original account to be re-activated and an explination as to the events that made YOU cancel my account. I am guessing you will also choose to ignore this e-mai too, but hey what
the heck, one can live in hope that you actually do give a damn about your users. Thus far my response to that is “like hell you do”, it would be nice that you “actully” did something for the user that earn you all the money you make from forcing advertisers upon us, but hey, your a big company, you dan’t have to give a damn do you. I guess I could say
anything I want here really as all your gonna do is file this in a trash can somewhere and sit on you derier and do absolutely nothing whilst people use your company name in the mud.
So if you do actually have any people that read these mails, then why not actually prove me wrong and sort out the mess YOU have created here. and I would love to be proven wrong, but hmmm, somehow, why do I think I wont be? I wonder…. do you know. do you care? now that is the burning question.

yours very disgruntled with second rate service (can’t call it “customer” service)


Morgan Freechild says:

Yahoo no refund

I signed up for several domain names with the assurance I could have satisfaction 100% guaranteed. I then decided to cancel, and they never gave me my money back. Called customer service (took forever) and they said I could return the domain names, I just wouldn’t get my money back. WTF? The guy said he would forward it to his superiors and that I’d here back within two days. That was 8 months ago, I’m still waiting. . .

jimbo (user link) says:

Complain about Yahoo

Hi there I was searching about ways to complain about Yahoo as I have had many troubles from them – anyway I found the following on their code of practice page – (this maybe only for UK users) – it states that if your complaint has not been resolved within 12 weeks you can contact the member agency stated.

“Yahoo! is a member of the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS). If we have not resolved your complaint to your satisfaction within 12 weeks of your initial complaint or if you have received a letter from us stating that your complaint has reached “deadlock”, you may take your complaint further through CISAS.
C/o The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
12 Bloomsbury Square
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7421 7444
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7404 7150

This scheme is administered by The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. You may contact CISAS in relation to any complaints or disputes that you do not feel Yahoo! has dealt with satisfactorily. For more information relating to this scheme, please visit (Guidance notes and an application form on which to make your complaint are available on this website.)”

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