New Technologies Designed To Prevent ID Theft May Make It Easier

from the and-so-it-goes dept

Technologies designed to protect can sometimes make the situation much worse. We’ve seen this before with things like internet filters and monitoring tools that parents use to watch what their kids do on the internet. While it may make people feel safe — often all it really does is make people let their guard down, and open up more risk. Some are predicting that’s exactly what will happen with new technologies designed to prevent identity theft. Rather than successfully do so, they may just make people think they’re safer, making it that much easier for identity theft to occur. The criminals certainly are going to do their best to change and figure out ways around these new technologies — so if people are less careful and less skeptical because they “think they’re protected,” it could make the situation worse. That isn’t to say, of course, that these technologies shouldn’t be created — but that people need to recognize that they’re not a perfect cure.

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