How The Woman Who Owned Started Helping Victims

from the some-good-in-a-sea-of-bad dept

As the stories coming from the Hurricane Katrina aftermath just keep getting worse and worse, it was no surprise at all to hear that online scammers had already set up shop and were doing everything possible to trick people out of their money. Some are, of course, registering domain names with Katrina in them to trick people into thinking they’re legit. However, the domain has been owned for many years by a web designer in Virginia. With so many people visiting the site and calling her, she realized that she could help, and quickly set up the site as a central resource for relatives trying to find each other. She’s also turned down offers for thousands of dollars from opportunistic web brokers trying to profit off of the situation. With so much emphasis on all of the bad stuff coming out of this disaster, it’s good to hear a story of someone doing the right thing.

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Comments on “How The Woman Who Owned Started Helping Victims”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

I wish they could take the scammers and toss them into jail for life. People who attempt to exploit such misery are detrimental to the very idea of society and civilization in general.

It’s such behavior that leads to a breakdown in trust and a makes people wary of helping one another. Society does not need them.

John says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

I wish they could take the scammers and toss them into jail for life.

I personally am thinking of sentence multipliers.
for example:
+ scamming (IANAL insert proper legal term here) – 1 year
+ victom’s age 65 – sentence = sentence * 2 (cumulative)
+ # affected > 10 – sentence = sentence * 2
+ exploiting natural disaster – sentence = sentence * 5
So for one of these scumballs using the web to exploit Katrina victoms:
sentence = 1 * 2 (children involved) * 2 (elderly involved) * 2 (more than 10 people involved) * 5 (natural disaster involved)
sentence = 1 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 5 = 40 years
Something like that anyway.

Josh Hinds (user link) says:

A wonderful thing she's doing...

Here’s a quick shout out to what a wonderful thing this woman is doing with the domain name. Thanks for sharing this story. Sometimes it’s easy for the scammers to steal the press in times of tradgedy — it’s nice to be reminded of all the folks out there that are trying to genuinely help others in this time of need.

alternatives says:

No Subject Given

it’s good to hear a story of someone doing the right thing.

NPR reported an offer of $500,000.00 for the domain name. Personally, I’d have sold off the domain name for that amount, and used the money to buy land far, far away from the coasts.

I have no idea if selling the domain would be ‘the right thing’, but buying the land would be ‘the right thing’ for me.

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