Apparently The Gap Doesn't Have Any Spare Servers For Testing

from the shut-down? dept

Nearly five years ago, when completely took their site offline for a while to “remodel” their e-commerce efforts, it was a bit surprising. You would think they could leave up the existing site while getting the new one ready. Five years have passed, and apparently retailers still haven’t figured this out. The latest is that The Gap felt the need to completely pull many of their online stores offline for days in order to get ready a new site. Do they not have servers they can test these things on internally while the live production site keeps taking orders?

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Comments on “Apparently The Gap Doesn't Have Any Spare Servers For Testing”

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Julie Woods (user link) says:

They just don't get it teenage girls

I ran into the same frustrations yesterday when I tried to go to to order some clothes for my nieces who start back to school on Tuesday. Yes – they have done their back-to-school shopping already as the GAP people claimed but now that they are actually getting ready for day one, they realize all the extras they still need and can’t search to find it. So they are browsing in other stores online and will most likely end up buying all those extras in other stores online or locally.

Pete Austin says:

I doubt this was intentional

Here’s one possibility.
1) Suppose they are transferring the “Internet stores” from one supplier to another, at a different datacentre etc.
2) They allow (say) one month overlap, with both suppliers online, after which the contract with the original supplier terminates.
3) There are delays with the new supplier, time passes, the new version of the stores still isn’t working and…
4) The month runs out, the original contract ends, and they’re off-the-Web.

princessfrozen (user link) says:

never is a complete outage neccessary

I used to work in Network Operations for a major home improvement retailer. You would never know that they relocated their entire server farms including their web servers to a data center 5 states away. Why? Because it was planned so that their web presence would only have a brief outage in the middle of the night at a time where people would be less likely to be online. That GAP Inc. felt that taking down their web presence was a good move is laughable. “Soup-to-nuts” overhauls do not require a complete outages.

sam says:

Closing Eureka N. California dec 22, 06

Too bad, Eureka N California, Old Navy is closing there store, by Gap INC. (Bayshore mall ) Humboldt county. Dec 22 ,2006,,,,,,,,,, Bay shore mall has…. help bring the mall back. Humboldt is a college town (Humboldt state Univeristy ,Arcata Ca Humboldt) (Collage of Redwoods)Humboldt is getting big, people here love to shop bring them here we want

Stores we got at bayshore mall

Pier 1 Imports.
Boarders books together Seattles best coffee
Bed bath & beyond.
rits camera.
Victoria secrets
Pacific sunwear,,,,,,,,,,, Its not really good yet because we dont have all the better stores.

A list of store we need,( dont have)………..

Abercrombie & fitch.
Banna republic.
eddie bouer.
american eagle out fitters.

bayshore mall need reovation Bad, sears Entrance has Cracks in the door way, the mall is very ungly. There raising all the renting rates, and the mall is a rats nest. The company who owns the mall should be ashamed. because Old navy is leaving.

anomous says:

Re: Closing Eureka N. California dec 22, 06

agreed. The Bayshore mall is horrible. But apparently is on its way to some big changes including Best Buy moving into the movie theatre area next year. And stores such as American Eagle and rumoured Hollister Co. Lets hope for Hollister I love that store. Not enough people for Abercrombie, but i can defintly see Hollister coming and apparently American Eagle is for sure. Hope more changes come. seems as the mall hasnt realized they r charging a buttload for rent and not updating the mall and they wonder why everyone shops in santa rosa or shops online.

sam says:


Gap clothing ,is expecting to close a lot of stores 2007, they are ganna shut Old navy and gap store, for the past, couple of years gap is doing very very very bad, January 10th 2007 Gap GPS stock went down to $17.00, some people are very scared, This might mean that gap company maybe comming to a end, Gap inc owns ( banana republic) ( old navy) tho 2006 christmas gap tryed to reshape there clothes by selling some better stuff, the focused on there sweaters. they sold some nicer sweaters and scarfs. they still did very bad in sell, Gap is the biggest clothe chain, making it hard to keep up. all there store dont have the same stuff. what ever they get is what send to there store

s says:


I have wanted Abercrombie & fitch to come to Eureka Bayshore mall, but still they wont bring it. Old navy shut down. Bay shore mall Eureka CA. has had a lot of store closures in the mall still nothing is comming the mall, tho the mall did get Borders books,Petco, Peir 1, & Bed bath beyond in 2006 on the outside of the mall, while in side the mall every thing is going out of bussiness, Candy factoy, sweet river & grill, Arbys, vitamin world ,jcpennys outlet they all went out of bussiness 2004, 2005, 2006 those while bay shore mall got 4 stores on the side of the mall. Humboldt county lost 4000 jobs by Palco pacific lumber ( scotia Ca.) 4000 jobs has inpacts econmy. 4000 people will with no job will probly have to leave the county because there arent 3000 more jobs, if u loose those jobs people will have to look for those jobs back again. with out those jobs, people will go looking for new ones, 4000 jobs is a lot of jobs. but Eureka california in box store gots ( Target)(costco)(winco).Eureka water front Balloon tarcks wants to build a new big shopping center with new outlet store, bringing Home dep. Best buy store ,but maybee Best Buy backed out, they still might go there, first Eureka water front has to clean up the polution. no body know when, they city of eureka has a very shaky city councill that cant decide. Eureka econmy has good evrything. I think shopping is very good.

b says: Abercrombie & fitch Scam……………This guy Makes his own Abercrombie & fitch Picture disc,Put them on ebay (97-04 Pic on cd )be carefull before bidding on his item, he states its Brand new, it not new ,and its copy rite made, waste of money. Copy rite is time Jail, Half of al the stuff on the Disc dosent work .I thot this guy get theese from abercrombie & fitch, but no there made from CD R disc. pictures crumy

Anonymous Coward says: Abercrombie & fitch Scam..……………This guy Makes his own Abercrombie & fitch Picture disc,Put them on ebay (97-04 Pic on cd )be carefull before bidding on his item, he states its Brand new, it not new ,and its copy rite made, waste of money. Copy rite is time Jail, Half of al the stuff on the Disc dosent work .I thot this guy get theese from abercrombie & fitch, but no there made from CD R disc. pictures crumy… (MiReinhan po box 460172 ft. lauderdale FL, 33346)

Anonymous Coward says:

abercrombie & Fitch VS GAP 2007

Abercrombie is awsome , Gap is ok for along time there stuff was kinda ok, well Gap 2006 christmas had nice sweaters & scarfs, Abercrombie is Gaps enmy number 1 ,Gap is ganna,,,, I hope abercrombie will keep doing well, abercrombie cutt a lot goods on there web site. that made me mad. I want abercrombie to come back with there Magazines & catologs. it kinda makes me bid for it on ebay for the Yearly magazine

s says:

Febuary 2. 2007

Eureka Northern California. Bayshore mall,

List of store closures

sweet river Grill.
Campost casual
Old navy.
JCpenny outlet.
site for sore eyes.
baba sheepskins.
Vitamin world.
Suncoast movies.
Rocxco furnature.

Bayshore mall Rasied the rent Very High & all they want to do is leave the, the econmy is good, but Bayshore mall redid store contracts and raised the rent very high causing the store to want to leave, Humboldt county has a lot of people but. its not santa rosa.. Eureka City council would like to have corporation leave Eureka, because Balloon Track project is taking for ever its going on to 2 years still there not making there mind up. Fortuna is having the same problems,4 years & there still fight. but if this is the way the people want it well its fine. but when they dont have it will be gone. poverty rate soring high. Eureka will loose there sale tax. but its fine because thell cry to the state for the money when they dont have it, but I hope they learn there lesson ,programs will be cutt. but there is Property tax they could get. Eureka population 28,808.
Balloon track project still going on to 2 years now fighting about Home dep. & best buy the city voted yes they want it because Home dep will buy Lumber from small bussiness thats why every one likes its,Gas 2.70 Gal. turist rate droped very low.

febgurl says:

Re: raised rents

If you knew anything, you would know that bayshore mall does not “just go around raising rents”
if u dont spend your dollars here, (shopping in redding, ukiah, santa rosa, medford) then stores close. rents are negotiated in leases, and i have heard that there are increases. but the mall can’t just go in and say “we are raising your rent” These corporations have goals set for these stores to make, and again, if you dont shop, they wont stay. old navy closed all OUTLET stores, is was not anything bayshore mall did.

b says:

Hi Fortuna Walmart & target info

Febuary 6 2007
Fortuna Northern California Humboldt county(Walmart box store) Fortuna city councill members are repulicans & only care about local bussines.Wheres Fortuna Walmart they where promissed, Fortuna Polotians got re elected again. Fortuna is going down, Fortuna raised there water rates 90% & walgreens never opened yet. Fortuna, Rio dell, charlota ,brigeville will have to drive all the way to Eureka to go shopping, WHY ? drive to Eureka 25 miles, $2.75 gas cost. What ever happen to the study they said they did. this study vanished from the publics Eyes. Fortuna is Iccy yuk. Taco bell closed. after that. Taco place that went into old taco bell Closed, Bring more people to fortuna, Im waiting ,Ill keep reading the Times-standard news paper ever day hoping Fortuna will get a big box store, to u people Im not leaving humboldt, Im staying here. The news last week they said there taring down the mill, & Target & Walmart want to come in. They said the city did a study & found out that people go to Ukaih Crescent city, so the city looses sales tax. I got card in the mail today. Fortuna poverty levals dropping at all time hight, Balloon tracks in eureka taking 30 years. Ok im ganna be a Old man by the time they built the new shopping center. probly be 30years old. Insult me & my age. u will too people. People Fortuna council meating asked opinions of the people what , they all wrote ( more nite life & more shopping & restraunts. ) the city people dont care about u, they dident listen to nothing u said, Did u relect the Mayor & polotician again. Say bye bye to the mall, Bye bye Bayshore mall Eureka . Kiss before u leave. Good luck people. hope u like 2.75 for gas. travel far to shop, I suport walmart. later start with walgreans for now.

Anonymous Coward says:

Fortuna Northern California

Tax dollers for a local city, is good, build our feature, sidewalks, more tax dollers for programs, transportation. the shopping tax can help bring more revanue, People need cheaper deals, it helps there money last longer. Fortuna stop the act. bring the big shopping center in. I hope out feature can grow

Anonymous Coward says:


Fortuna Northern California. Humboldt county. On humboldts local tv station. The played the city council meeting, and how people where for it, & people where not for it, this is a democracy. ((Population 15,000,Mckennlyville has Super Kmart, & Block buster, Starbucks, & Rays food place & quiznos more ))))))) &((((Population 13,500, Fortuna Has nothing just Safeway & rite aid)))))) ((( Population 28,808 Eureka has Corporation like Pier 1, Borders,Gap Inc clothing, so why not let the corporations in, people are for and there r people agaist is, Im a resident of Humboldt county I live In Rio dell 10 minutes from Fortuna. The gas is pricy, I know a lot resident of Rio dell . I suport some shopping closer to us

anonmous says:

Fortuna is getting whole new shopping center

All thats coming plus some:

Redwood Capital Bank
Samaurai Sams Teriyaki Grill
Elkie’s Total Image
Briton Mortgage (I think)
Plus I think a couple others

It isnt significant stores (pls come hollister) but its a step. Fortuna is growing and doing quite well this is very much needed. cant wait for Home Depot. but no wal mart please.

Anonymous Coward says:

bayshore mall needs a lot of updates in Eureka.
Old navy store is gone, it still stays empty. Dumb mall, Kathy works in the costomer service & I ask her why is the whole south end of the mall going out of bussiness, SAD , Poor management. Sears has entrance looks bad all torn & cracked.
General Growth Properties GGP owns the mall, they own

Anonymous Coward says:

Eureka California Balloon Track newest news 3/26/

I hope we get abercrombie & fitch haha, news balloon Track

Balloon Track activity stops
by Wendy Butler, 3/26/2007

A Balloon Track maintenance project that Citizens For Real Economic Growth’s spokesman Larry Evans referred to as “poorly considered and poorly documented” was stopped a day after it was begun.

Security National CUE VI started the project on Thursday, with plans to apply clean and crushed aggregate rock to its vacant Eureka parcel’s existing roadways, which, SN said, have not been maintained for close to 10 years.

“Concerned citizens and local community environmental and good government groups first became alarmed by the description of ground-disturbing work that could encroach on protected wetlands, as well as risking potentially dangerous releases of toxic wastes contaminating the site,” Evans stated in a news release.

One of the phone calls CREG and others made was to Eureka Community Development Department Director Kevin Hamblin.

Hamblin told The Eureka Reporter that when SN first approached the city in October 2006 with repair and maintenance questions and asked if a coastal-development permit was required, SN was told that per the state Coastal Act “road maintenance including road grading of potholes and things like that” was exempt.

But the exception is that “you can’t have mechanized equipment within 50 feet of the edge of an environmentally sensitive habitat area,” Hamblin said.

“They were just asking what was exempt and we told them,” he said. “They were getting ready to do (the) work (and) we started to receive a lot of complaints and concerns on Thursday.”

The city went to inspect, but it didn’t seem that SN was “going anywhere but on their roads,” Hamblin said.

“We were following the rules for the abatement of a nuisance, to allow needed emergency access for fire equipment, medical services and police,” SN Senior Vice President Brian Morrissey said in an e-mail response to The Eureka Reporter’s inquiry about the maintenance activities. “We invited Coastal Commission and city staff to observe our work to further ensure that no ESHAs were harmed.”

CREG said heavy equipment and “industrial-scale bilge pumps sprayed potentially contaminated water out of potholes.” Morrissey contends none of the work traversed into a wetland area.

“All of the work done was on the existing emergency access roads on the Balloon Track,” he said.

Morrissey said the city was supplied with “various maps of the roadways and the work to be done.”

CREG contends safety plans for hazardous waste discharge control were missing from the documents supplied to the city.

“We had permits, but no hazardous materials were discharged,” Morrissey said.

SN temporarily stopped the operation on Friday after an inspection visit from the Coastal Commission. CREG contends SN was told to “shut down or be cited.”

“We invited them to visit the site,” Morrissey said. “They did not order us to stop work; however, we did voluntarily stop when there appeared to be some confusion about the work in progress.”

When reached Monday by phone, Evans said the “concerned citizens and local community environmental groups and good government groups” include Eureka Civic Association, but not Californians For Alternatives To Toxics, at least not yet.

He said he isn’t sure how many people phoned the Coastal Commission.

He said one of his main concerns is SN has said it was fulfilling a request by the Eureka Fire and Police departments for cleaner access roads, but that request wasn’t produced in written form until more than a month after SN initially approached Community Development about permits.

“We’re not saying some of this work should not have been done,” Evans said. “We really don’t know what the toxic situation is out there.”

He added, “(It) may be an honest misunderstanding, but (it) may be an attempt to flout the law.”

Evans said CREG wants “absolutely transparent” and “open” reporting on activities out on the Balloon Track.

“CUE VI is committed to an open and transparent interaction with the community,” Morrissey said. “That is why this road safety work and previous safety and cleanup endeavors, including the removal of railcars and construction of perimeter fencing, have been publicly announced in advance.”

(Security National owns The Eureka Reporter.)

Anonymous Coward says:

bayshore mall Eureka CA Humboldt county Hasent seen new store come in the inside of the mall. Eureka Did have a big Boom , but Eureka is having a resession rite now.Mall rent is hurting, Gas is playing big role in suffering $3.60 regular gas. tourist rate is down Bad. Yosemite usally gets million vistors a year but had a big drop they said. so yes Eureka CA. tourist is really down. Eureka ression is in bad shape. it needs to find a way to pick up. Old town has seen major store closure. Quisnos closed on Boadway. BlockBuster closed in myrtle town, Handcock fabricks is closing, Vitamin world closed,Picture place closed,Roxco closed,Old navy closed, Suncoast closed,site for sore eyes closed . Bayshoremall cenima movies is closing 2008. General Growth Properties, Inc GGP. is charging very very very high rent. The store I wanted was Holister, Abercrombie, Bannana repulic, american eagle, eddie bauer. Bayshore mall in eureka need it bad, Balloon Track project need to begin first, Fortuna Palco shopping center needs to begin. but it will Gone . every body will start heading back to santa rosa, it wont be unique eny more, Its BAD,

Anonymous Coward says:

sunday april 22 2007

When is Walmart Comming to Fortuna California humboldt county? when is project ganna begin ? eny body know ??????????????????????????????????Was it approved Yes or no ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Eureka is FAr to shop. 30 miles roundtrip . GAS 3.60 regular

elliot says:

Bayshore mall Eureka CA 95501, has some new store opening in the feature tho there not releasing the information yet. there in the talks with some new stores.

Bayshore mall is in the talks with

Bayshore mall hasent released this information but. Info is not for certain.lets hope the release some info soon because it needs it. any body want to Answer known news they they know. if u any body else out there knows any new news freel free to join this conversation ?


turtle says:

Eureka Gap closing Eureka California July 2008

Eureka California Humboldt county, The Gap is Closing its doors at the end of July 2008 for good . they have been at the bay shore mall sence the late 90s. recently closing Old navy store back in 2005 located at Bayshore mall, selling clothing line from girls clothes to mens clothes. to kids clothes. we are really ganna miss them.

Jake says:

mall rent is really hight and the stores wanne leave. its the real reason. when u get less renter they got to lower there rent to get more renter. Gap closing july 30 2008. Bay shore mall make most of the money from people like gap. so if they loose then Bayshore mall wont make No money. so we will see whats ganna happen. rent it like 8 grand a month. its not the people fault or poor people its the mall hight rent rates & probley herd the same thing aroung from theres. it not the end of the world. we got Costco ,Target ,Pier 1. Petco. borders, bed bath & beyond. dont cry because we still got those. mall has lost there renters. whose fault is that ????? the malls fault. who charges the rent? the mall. good luck. econmy is just fine. Bayshore mall In Eureka will have too

Chris says:


Inside the Bayshore Mall, Gap Kids sits empty save for some barren tables stacked against one wall. Next door, a few customers pick over the scant remaining merchandise in The Gap. A sign at the entrance reads, “This Gap location will be closing. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers.”

Come Sunday, it will be gone, the latest departure from the mall in recent years. Whether it’s due to corporate troubles or the slowing of the national economy, no fewer than 17 of the mall’s 101 storefronts are currently unoccupied.

Old Navy outlet, Wilson’s Leather and KB Toys have all vanished in recent months, and weekend news reports suggest Mervyn’s could be next.

The department chain may be forced to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy and close 177 stores in seven states, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Mervyn’s and J.C. Penney were considered “anchor stores” when the mall opened in 1987. J.C. Penney closed in 2000.

A spokesman for Mervyn’s declined to comment on the news reports, nor would he speak to the future of the Bayshore Mall location.

Bayshore Mall Manager Sue Swanson said the departures of J.C. Penney, Wilson’s, KB Toys and The Gap can be attributed to difficulties on the corporate level, adding that the economy has slowed nationwide.

”It’s not Eureka; it’s not Humboldt County,” she said. “It’s the entire country.”

She pointed to Borders, Bed, Bath and Beyond and
Sears as examples of mall success stories.

”We’ve got a lot of bright points,” Swanson said.

Rumors have been circulating that The Movies, the mall movie theaters owned by Oregon-based Coming Attractions Theatres, may also be considering a departure. Ticket prices have been cut to $5 for evening shows and $3 for matinees.

”We’re talking to the landlord right now,” said Coming Attractions President Daryn McLennan. He said The Movies has not been as busy as it was before the Broadway Theatre expanded from eight to 12 screens. But, he said, “We’re going to continue to operate it for the foreseeable future.”

Allen Lesser started his personalizing business, U Name It, as a kiosk in the Bayshore Mall 17 years ago.

”It was great,” he said. “Sales were great for three or four years. Then it started declining.”

Foot traffic at the mall has risen and fallen over the years, he said, but recently it has been falling. Lesser is now in the process of moving his store from the mall to a new location in Henderson Center.

”My rent will be cheaper, and I won’t have to do the hours,” he said. Stores in the mall are required to stay open during all regular mall hours, which total 73 per week. “For me, that’s wasting money and employee hours,” Lesser said.

He stressed that he has great respect for the mall’s office staff, and considered his own rent fair. But he said the mall’s parent company, Chicago-based General Growth Properties, charges more rent for stores considered permanent.

”It’s really high,” Lesser said. “That’s why (stores) need to bail. The corporate stores are just folding.”

Swanson disagreed, saying other stores left mainly due to corporate level issues. She said the mall is “talking very aggressively” with an undisclosed company in southern California interested in the Gap location.

Other local shop owners see things brightening up at the mall.

”We’re happy here,” said Baa Baa Sheepskins co-owner Angela Lyons. “We’re disappointed that (the mall) is not as vibrant as in the past, but (management) is working pretty hard to get companies to come in.”

Lyons said she hopes that the pendulum will swing back soon.

”I think the mall is in transition now,” she said. “I’m trying to stay positive and hope customers come back — at least by Christmas.”

Anonymous Coward says:

Fortuna complaints Sport & Cycle

Sports & Cycle in Fortuna. I have a complaint about the Bike repair guy there. when he repaired my bike he made worse. I would not take my bike there for repairs he charges like 5.00 to 20.00 depending. if u buy stuff there fix it your self. he wasent so nice to me. I bot a 300.00 he he told me when buying this bike that it would come with 1 year fixing in the store if any thing broke. I took the bike on Monument Rd 5 miles up and the Seat post wouldent stay still. end up finding the seat latch was stript I had fatel injury. ambulance came and got me because I was almost dead. the guy fix the latch free. its been about 4 months later I been in there 2 times. my axle was loose so I asked him to fix it and he told me he would not fix it that he charges. end up finding he dosent really have that 1 fixing. I went there yester day buying some chain lubricant. I wanted petrium free & he told me it dident. end finding it did. the bike guy isent perfect but I would like him to know what hes selling me in his shop

doggypoop says:

Meritline is a bad place to Buy DVDs from

HumboldtCA Resident meritline . com I ordered Generic Brand DVD+R I ordered from them Twice. also Playo dvd+R Double layer disc. The lens where Infected on half the disc. I threw them away. & declined my credit card. they have bargin deals on dvds for 100 pack big deals. I have had problems with meritline . com

Nancy 2698 says:

Balloon Tracks Eureka California 9/07/08

balloon tracks where home depot is going that is where BestBuy Store was ganna go but I think Bestbuy know as I think they backed out of the deal is what I herd. but well wait & see. this project is moving very slow. its 3 years now. and nobody is talking about it. the subject went dead. for legal reason. studys. This For Eureka California.when study are finished and coastal legals.

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