PSP's Proprietary Movies Doing Well… But For How Long?

from the gotta-play-something-on-the-devices dept

Earlier this year, we scolded Sony for its decision to release movies in a proprietary format (UMD) for the PSP — noting that proprietary formats didn’t really make sense, and wondering why people would buy movies that could only be played on a single device. Apparently, the answer is “because there’s nothing else interesting to play on the device — but the screen is so spectacular that we want to watch something on it.” It turns out UMD movies are actually selling quite well, contrary to what we predicted. Still, it doesn’t seem likely that this will continue. It looks like one of the main reasons that these movies have been selling well is simply because there haven’t been enough compelling games for the device — so PSP owners have been looking for something to do with the impressive screen quality, and the UMD movies fit the bill. However, as more games do come out for the PSP, and people begin to realize that they can’t do much else with the UMD movies they buy, it may become more difficult to convince people that UMD movies are worth it.

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Comments on “PSP's Proprietary Movies Doing Well… But For How Long?”

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Ivan Sick says:

No Subject Given

I think they will continue to be popular, if for no other reason than that people will continue to buy PSPs for the games. Playstation is a powerful brand, even if there’s a shit selection right now. So the fact that they have this toy that has an extra capability will always let a market exist for this format.
I mean I wouldn’t do it, but lots of people will.
Historically Sony hasn’t been able to get a proprietary format going anywhere very strongly, but I think this one will make it at least on the level of the Memory Stick.

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