Movie Studios Actually Considering Simultaneous Release Of Movies

from the shocking dept

Sure, it wasn’t a surprise when the head of Blockbuster Video in the UK suggested that movie studios would be better off releasing movies in theaters and on DVD at the same time. Blockbuster would clearly stand to benefit from that arrangement. It wasn’t even that surprising to see Steven Soderbergh (with help from Mark Cuban) decide to do exactly that with his latest movie. It’s more of an independent effort, and so it’s not surprising that they’d try innovative marketing tools. However, to hear the incoming head of Disney say that they’re considering the idea is a bit of a surprise. Did you ever expect to hear a mainstream entertainment industry CEO say: “We can’t stand in the way and we can’t allow tradition to stand in the way of where the consumer can go or wants to go.” Of course, the rest of the article is about how the movie theaters are freaking out over such an idea, including quotes from the head of The National Association of Theater Owners claiming that “there would be no viable movie theater industry” if that happened. That, of course, is ridiculous. If the theater owners really believe that their only competitive advantage is the fact that they’ve got a headstart on DVDs, then they don’t belong in business. Some theaters are finally realizing it’s all about the experience, and a move to simultaneously release movies might force the megaplexes of the world to realize this as well.

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Comments on “Movie Studios Actually Considering Simultaneous Release Of Movies”

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BG says:

I'd like to see...

I’d like to go to a good movie (usually because it’s worth it to see on a much larger screen) and when I come out (or before he movie) I’d like to see some kiosk-type vendors selling current film-related merchandise, including maybe a DVD of the film I just saw. What would also make this nice would be to have the DVD or merchandise discounted slightly because you’ve just seen the movie as a paid ticket-goer. This would help not only instant advertising with t-shirts for sale but also repeat experiences. The vendors could even be outside franchises or suppliers that pay the theatre for the spot to sell. It would be a natural extension of the popcorn and candy concessions. Haven’t they thought of this already?

Mario (user link) says:

Great idea

People who use to go to theaters will still go anyway, so they won’t lose anything.
However, I think the industry will generate a lot more of money, because they will open a totally new market.
There are thousands of people like me. I don’t like to go to the theaters and I usually wait for the DVD release for watching movies in my already expensive home theater system.
I generally go to Blockbuster and rent the movie, but if the movie is worth to buy, I buy it instead of renting it.
Now, if they release a DVD at the same time as the theaters, and still delay the rentals, I’d rather buy the DVD.
Who can probably be the loser in this game?. I guess nobody, they’ll all win, because the current markets will remain the same (theaters and rentals), and they’ll additionally open a new one.

Flatline says:

The movie going experience

I like this idea! I too have a great home entertainment system and I’d rather watch movies at home. Why? Let’s review: expensive and terrible popcorn; loud and obnoxious movie-goers who always happen to sit right behind you; no control over the volume – often too soft and at least once too loud; finding parking and coming back to a hot car, and finally – the ability to pause the movie for a potty break.

miken says:

just one guys opinion

I love it because there are times when i rent or buy a movie and then wish I had gone to the theater, so if I bought the movie and liked it I would then go to the theater. I dont much care for paying 9 dollars for a ticket or 15 for a combo, but I would if I really liked the movie at home first. This would encourage me to spend MORE at the theater.

Paulo says:

Re: just one guys opinion

I agree. I remember when going to movies was an event. You “prepared” yourself, dinner or not and then movie. And they used to have a little brochure of the movie, with a resume of the story, the tecnical data, anda so on… I collected them, for years. All movies had a coffee break, at least. Now, you have small boxes, non stop sessions, lots of them in a shopping center, among burgers and towsends of people. Theaters lost all glamour. Ok, if its not a delightful experience, and if it costs double of the DVD rental, well… Thats all folks.

Omar Casasola says:

simultaneous release

I think that you were on the right path of truth behind this major propagonda of simultaneous release. Even with the CEO of Disney stating that he believes in simultaneous release I for one am not convinced. No person in their right mind will want to loose money by giving people the opportunity to rent a movie and copy it for friends to have at home. The tremendous loss will completely ruin Hollywood. This is only a marketing experiment for independent films and mediocre movies. So in my opinion independent films plus mediocre films that otherwise wouldn’t be in theatres will benefit big time from simultaneous release but Big Budget hits will only hurry the process of releasing to DVD maybe by 4 months but they will never simultaneous release.

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