Ok, Forget It. No One Has The Slightest Clue Who Listens To Podcasts

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Last week we wrote a story about some market researchers who ran a survey where they discovered that the ever-popular 15-24 year old demographic didn’t care much for podcasts. Instead, the company found that podcasts were most popular with those over 45. The stats sounded a bit strange, as you don’t often think of the over-45 crowd as being the early adopters of stuff online… but you could make some arguments as to why it could make sense. Not so fast, however. Another research firm has come out with their own report saying that it’s that younger demographic that loves podcasts. The age ranges are a bit different, but this latest study says that 18 to 34 year olds are the podcasting champs. Really, all this shows is that no one really knows who’s listening to podcasts these days, as the concept is still too early for a real stable “market” to have formed. Of course, that doesn’t forgive the ridiculous levels of hype surrounding podcasts, but it’s summer time and people needed to hype something…

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Comments on “Ok, Forget It. No One Has The Slightest Clue Who Listens To Podcasts”

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randdickson says:

45+ & listening

Part of the 45+ demographic and listening to podcasts all day, 5 days a week a work. Used to use old classic rock to drowned out my co-workers. Podcasts much more entertaining and enlightening in some cases. Listen list includes:

Endurance Radio
Brian Lah– show
On the Media
Newsweek on Air
Slice of Sci Fi
Dragon Page Wingin it
Escape Pod
CNN Market Update
Keener13 Radio
Morning Stories
Inside Mac Radio
and so many more.

I don’t need no stinkin’ Howard Stern.

jeremiah (user link) says:


Insofar as my personal experience goes, it seems the elder among my friends prefer the podcasts.

I get the intuitive sense this may be due in part to the non-commercial-slick production styles of most podcasts (mine included) that I think reminds people of an age when radio sounded like today’s amatuer podcasts.

I think younger people are more familiar with the terminology and the underlying technologies, which may create the perception that they’re more “into” the podcasts than their parents. Again, speaking only from my personal experience, actual listeners of podcasts (and incidentally, books-on-tape, too) are people 10 years my senior.

Shameless plug.

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