Mobile Phones Kill Again

from the what-a-shocker dept

In a twist on the story about people on the Great Wall of China being struck by lightning that was attracted to their mobile phones, a Nigerian man has supposedly been killed when he answered his phone while it was plugged into the wall to charge. The guy answered his phone, then “after a few seconds electricity flowed into the cell phone unrestrained and the young man was thrown to the ground with a heavy thud”, resulting in a weak heartbeat and burnt fingers, and he was dead on arrival at a hospital. The source for the story in the Nigerian paper is a flimsy “message” forwared from a friend, but nonetheless consider yourself warned that while mobile phones are useful, they “can also be an instrument of death.”

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Comments on “Mobile Phones Kill Again”

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Anonymous of Course says:

Nigerian Scam

Stealing power by tossing hooks and wires over the distribution lines (and by other means)is fairly common in many third world countries. Sometimes they tie enough 120V light bulbs in series to run off the 7.5KV, or whatever the distribution voltage may be. There’s also the danger of wire crosses connecting the various voltage circuits. We’re so used to the decent quality of the electric utility in the US that this story seems preposterous, but it’s not totally unbelieveable given the location.

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