Delete Your Photos? But, Why?

from the digital-packrats dept

With the rise of digital cameras and virtually unlimited storage, people have been begging their friends and relatives to get better at cutting down huge collections of photos to more manageable levels. Of course, that’s just the collection for showing people. Pack rat digital photographers can still store the fifteen different shots they took of the same tree to try to get just the right angle — rather than just picking the best. It appears that about 15% of people refuse to delete any digital photo they take. They’ve got the storage, so why not keep them all — even if no one will ever look at them.

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Comments on “Delete Your Photos? But, Why?”

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Anonymous of Course says:

Re: Meow meow

I bought a 256Mb jump drive at Wal-Mart. When I got home I noticed the package had been neatly slit along the bottom. It was a used item that had been restocked. I was a little miffed but decided that if it worked I would keep it anyway. I was in a rush hence the trip to wally-world. When I installed the drive I discovered, Lo and Behold! It was filled with baby photos. I guess someone needed to transfer some photos and then didn’t have any use for the drive and returned. I’m a packrat photographer… just bought a 160G drive just for photo storage. With each photo running ~22Mb it’s really not as much storage as you might think.

Anonymous Coward says:


I’m one of those people who can’t seem to delete pics. A weekend visiting the family (incl the new nephew) means 300-400 pics on my 4mp cam, about 40 of which will later be pulled and passed around.
But the other 300 still sit in my …/pics/2005/07/pics-2005-07-tripHome directory. No one will ever see them, but I know they’re there. I changed my habits from a careful and savage pruner after I deleted a few pictures of my cousin that weren’t exactly perfect, and he died in a plane crash before I saw him again.
So I’m crazy.

Matt says:

Picture Hosting Sites

With picture hosting sites that have damn near unlimited photo capacity, it’s a wonder why people use their own hard drives for this in the first place!

Sites like fotki and things like that…replace any need to keep it on your hard drive…and anyone taking higher than 6 megapixel shots to send to family is a bit over-done. Do they really need a 2048×1600 size photo(5 megapixel)? You can’t print em that large or even view em that large on most computers without shrinking them!

spam says:

Re: Picture Hosting Sites

My god, what a *terrible* idea. One of those ‘free’ photo hosting sites (I forgot which one) royally screwed over customers not too long ago.. they either went under, or started charging for space.. something pretty lame.

It’s best to store your photos yourself. Just make sure that you back them up.

Anonymous Coward says:

Keeping images isn't necessarily bad...

It’s not as simple as this headline makes it sound. I do keep almost all of the pictures I take because at some point in the future I’ll re-review the photos. Typically, there will be a shot I would have ‘chimped'(aka deleted), that now has an appropriate use. Had I deleted that photo, the opportunity to make use of it at a later date would never have materialized. If your a pro, chimping will end up costing you money down the road – not to mention that deleting images in-camera at an event takes your attention away from the action.

It’s just better to just keep them all if you have the storage space.

Dave says:

keeping them is the easy part...

I’ve found that keeping my photos is the easy part. I’ll take a picture and upload it to my computer. then, I’ll photoshop-it-up so that it looks normal (keeping original size). Then I’ll make a special-size photo for my website (~800×600). Sometimes we email out pictures to the family so we make another special-size photo that’s even smaller than that (~500×300). Before long, I’ll have anywhere from 1 to 5 versions of the same picture!
So, what kind of tool is best to maintain such a large collection of pictures? Right now I use Picassa, but is there something out there that basically offers the same kind of features and can help me effectively store my pictures?

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