Ringtones To Hurt CD Sales?

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An exec at a ringtone company says that mobile is “really going to change the landscape of the record business” because people won’t want to pay $18 for a CD when they can buy a ringtone for $2.50. That begs the question of why people would want to pay $2.50 for a ringtone, when they could <a href=”https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20050509/1057205_F.shtmlbuy the full track for $1 or less, then make a ringtone for free. For users, ringtones are fundamentally different from real songs — they’re all about self-expression, not entertainment. While record labels look to ringtones to boost revenues, they’re too obsessed with CD sales to let them be cannibalized by ringtones (though given their cluelessness, it’s not likely to ever come to that). The change regarding ringtones that the music business needs to be concerned about is how greed is killing their sales.

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Comments on “Ringtones To Hurt CD Sales?”

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Nick says:

A new era in content

Ringtone sales hurting CD sales is not the relevant issue here. The real question facing the industry is will the continued evolution of digital content distribution make CDs (and then DVDs) obsolete? Just as CDs made vinyl records a thing of the past, will digital content do that to plastic CDs?

I, for one, certainly hope so. While it will take time, content must now be de-coupled from the medium. Right now, the concern is about TV programs, music CDs and movies that you watch in theaters. Going forward, the continued progression of broadband — both wireless and wireline together with the revolution of peer generated content communities ? will enables a world in which every piece of content is digital and accessible on every device, be it video, audio, mobile and yes, even print. The user picks the device and the content and experiences the interaction as they see fit.

This ?democratization? of content and access does NOT mean a lack of revenues for content creators. In fact, I think that making content available ?anytime, everywhere? will increase revenue potential for the content creators and owners. Not decrease it as is currently thought. Imagine a world in which I missed the last episode of The West Wing and I catch it on my phone as I sit on the runway at JFK for several hours waiting for weather in Atlanta to clear up.

Equally important, the liberation of content from devices does NOT spell doom and gloom for advertisers. Rather, the advertiser can, in this new world, access consumers based on the actual content the consumer is experiencing, rather than a bulk media buy which targets demographics rather than individuals.

So, a new era is coming. And, it will be better for everyone — consumers, content sellers and advertisers.

Jim says:

Re: Re: Wha?

Why the fuck would anyone use ringtones in the first place??? Phone rings so you know someone is calling. If you need a different ring select one of those that comes with the phone. Seriously ANYONE who would actually pay for a ringtone is a total fucking RETARD. Besides do you people actually enjoy that crappy sounding quality coming out of the phone? What do you do when someone rings? You dance to those tunes or fucking what??? You people are so stupid…..yet all you ringtone retards complain about the ringtone prices but still keep buying them. ….
Remember that everytime your phone rings with your silly tune, someone near by is laughing at you. Get a life people!

Bill Ray (user link) says:

Re: Wha?

Because people, in the McMedia-driven culture we live in, will buy just about anything. Nevermind that real musicians create real music…..oh we’ve gotten past all of that. Any 12 year old with the right software can create a hit record in his closet.

It’s just the dumbing down of the human race, and the first things to go are the arts and literacy (god I get sick of reading notes where it says “Hey I stoped by”…….)

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