WTO Stomps Its Foot Over US Gambling Rules

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The US and Antigua have been battling over online gambling laws for years, with the US trying to exert some control over online casinos based in Antigua. Antigua called in the WTO who pretty much took Antigua’s side in the matter, saying the US should stay out. However, a later ruling confused things even more — in which both sides declared victory. The ruling said that the US had a right to ban online gambling, but sided with Antigua in noting the US was allowing online horse race betting — leading to confusion and potential double standards. It ordered the US to “clarify” its rules, and now the US government has another few months to explain why online horse race betting is okay, but online poker in Antigua is not. Of course, anyone want to bet (no, strike that) that if the US government can’t clarify enough to make the WTO happy, they’ll just ignore the issue?

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Comments on “WTO Stomps Its Foot Over US Gambling Rules”

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DGK12 says:

Beside the Fact

I say “Why not?”. Representatives of the United States Government are well known -especially as of late- for ignoring both the U.N., the WTO, negative opinions and any opposition to whats financially correct for them.
It is within their boundaries to contest money leaving and consent money entering the country. I do however have to wonder if they actually know whats right for even local public interest. These “officials” have a habit of being ignorant about economic (not to mention, moral) issues, and tend to make matters worse while claiming it “was out of their control”. But then again, making such decisions can be viewed as gambling as well.
In the end I think everyone loses.

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