Crackers Who Are Trying To Make Windows Better?

from the just-trying-to-help? dept

Usually when you look at cracked versions of Microsoft Windows, they’re designed to get people around paying for the operating system. However, with all of the trouble Microsoft has been having lately (ok, maybe not just lately) with security problems, it seems that some crackers have taken to trying to make cracked Windows versions better by tweaking them with some security and speed improvements. Of course, since they’re cracked versions, you may have just as good a chance of getting an improved version as one that comes with all sorts of spyware. Microsoft, of course, is not at all enthusiastic about the practice. However, if Microsoft were smart, they might think about monitoring the changes that people are applying to see what it is customers really look for in Windows. It may not be the most accurate of market research, but it certainly could indicate areas where customers think Windows is deficient.

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Comments on “Crackers Who Are Trying To Make Windows Better?”

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George Kinsman (user link) says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

In reply to the first post, you are a retard. You should be banished from every touching a computer. Get the hell off the MS Sucks bandwagon and go find something else to shit on. Are you using MS products? Unless you have nix you would be using at least one MS application. (apple has many windows features embedded). It’s people like you who piss everyone off with your banter about microsoft, and trying to act like a smart ass. The only people who care about it are those who take the same point of view from open source cronies. Make up your own opinions. A freshly installed copy of windows XP kicks the crap out of nix anyday. certainly not in security and reliability but out of the box performance, probably one of the most important things. Go and get a life.

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