Some Authors Are Understanding The Power Of Electronic Books

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While some authors and publishers are freaking out over the possibility of electronic copies of books somehow driving them out of business, at least a few authors are embracing the concept. The latest is Warren Adler, the author of The War of the Roses and 26 other books. His latest book, however, is going to be self-published for free online. He’ll email you the latest copies from his website apparently. Rather than fearing the new technology, Adler is embracing it. He thinks that e-books will catch on, and sees no reason not to push forward in that space. He’s hoping that people who read this new novel will go out and buy copies of his older novels — which, he’s conveniently planning to sell on flash memory cards as well. Update: In somewhat related news, it looks like Amazon is launching a new service to let people download exclusive “short” written content for $0.49 a story. Not sure how well this experiment will work out, as some people may wonder whether the content is even worth that much as a download, but at least some authors are willing to experiment with digital content.

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Comments on “Some Authors Are Understanding The Power Of Electronic Books”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Fictionwise

Lulu, Fictionwise and others (including Cafe Press) have all been selling things like this for a while. What’s *different* about these offerings is the level of the authors involved. It’s understandable why a first time author might try these things to get some more publicity, but these are best-selling well-known authors getting into the game. That’s bigger news.

Duncan Long (user link) says:

Under the radar

Actually a large number of publishers are already offering ebooks — they’ve set up business “under the radar” with little notice from large publishers.

And we’re making money at it :o)

Check out where I offer my books for free, and am seeing a nice profit as well!

It works, and the reader has a genuine, free ebook in PDF format to keep and read and enjoy for as long as they like.

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