How The Bottom Dropped Out Of The Educational Software Market

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With so much attention being placed on children’s learning aids these days, you might think that educational software would be booming. Apparently, you’d be wrong. In the last five years or so, the bottom has completely dropped out of the educational software market. While the articles points to a number of factors to “blame” (free online resources, more non-PC learning gadgets, families that pass a game down from older kids to younger kids, greater use of computers in schools making them less necessary at home, etc.), the real blame has to go to those making educational software who failed to see the market shifting out from under them. These days, anyone selling packaged software has to see both the risk and the opportunity that the web presents — and to not embrace is shows a lack of planning, rather than something that was unavoidable.

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Comments on “How The Bottom Dropped Out Of The Educational Software Market”

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1 Comment
Pete Austin says:

By Value - not by Unit

What seems to have happened is that more educational software is being used than ever, but more of it is free.

From the article: “In 2000, sales of educational software for home computers reached $498 million … By 2004, sales of educational software … had plummeted to $152 million, according to the NPD Group … What happened was an explosion of new, often free technologies competing to entertain and teach children.”

For people who believe in Free and Open Source Software, this is a very good thing as it shows kids that you don’t have to pay to get good programs.

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