Learn 2 Txt Frm Naked Ladies

from the i-wanna-text-you-up dept

We’re so new to this mobile phone thing here in America that we have to be taught how to text message by “scantily clad models” on “X-rated televison”, according to a UK newspaper. Without giving away what channel or program features the ads, it says they’re for sex-message services looking to drum up business. Apparently the idea of these ladies giving texting lessons isn’t sufficiently titillating to support a whole story, so it becomes a hook to relay hackneyed tales of how we’re so far behind (a view that’s probably no longer accurate). But, if being ahead means you get universities teaching people how to text instead of these nice ladies, I’ll stick with being behind.

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Comments on “Learn 2 Txt Frm Naked Ladies”

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DGK12 says:

The Great Divide

Land (km): 241590
Pop.: 60441457

Land (km): 9161923
Pop.: 295734134

Density: 250.18

Density: 32.27

I’m not a genius, but their is a population density gap between smaller countries and the United States. Further, the populations is mostly concentrated on either the East or West coast. More over, you might suggest that having such a spread-out population, people may not share the same vocabulary and cultural views from one city or town to the next. Given the relative density I might even conclude that most people don’t have more than a few persons on average which they wish to remain in constant contact.
I am not well traveled, and I know fewer than 10 people by name in the town I now live, none of which would be friends. Since I moved, all of my friends are at least 640KM away.

Because of the expansive cost of communication at such distances, it is still very uneconomical to even own a phone to ‘text’ a handful of people so far away. It would cost me about $30USD a month to own a cell phone (operational) with the additional costs. While I know that most people do have cell-phones, many still cannot afford to operate it without express necessity.

My calculations may not be exact, but its an effort. Take from it what you will.

G says:

Re: The Great Divide

I think the article was well written except for the one essential element you added, the cost.

It is nothing to do with the average population density, the populations are concentrated in specific areas in the USA and this is no different in the UK.

However in the USA the cost of all your services, mobile, cable, dsl, cable is extortionate compared to other countries.

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