Google Makes Another Mobile Buy

from the googly-woogly dept

Both Google and Yahoo have been making a push into the mobile space of late, both by souping up their mobile search capabilities, and by buying startups. Google a few months back bought mobile social networking service Dodgeball, and has now followed that with the purchase of mobile startup Android. It’s hard to say much about this deal, since all that’s really known about Andrioid is that it was started by one of the founders of Danger, who’s said little beyond that the company makes mobile-phone software. While some are wondering if this means Google will produce a mobile OS, that seems unlikely. BusinessWeek, which broke the story, points to a comment from an old interview from Android’s founder, just before he launched the company, saying “there was tremendous potential in developing smarter mobile devices that are more aware of its owner’s location and preferences.” That sounds exactly like something Google would be interested in — adding location awareness to its mobile local search.

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