The Shocking Truth: Happy Customers Are A Good Thing!

from the it-couldn't-be! dept

It’s unfortunate that we even need a study to show this, but just in case you were wondering, it turns out that having happy customers tends to be good for business. Of course, this probably still won’t get most companies to stop thinking of their customer support offerings as a “cost center.”

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Comments on “The Shocking Truth: Happy Customers Are A Good Thing!”

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nonuser says:

nice going Dell

with those $150 “rebates” that you have no intention of honoring, responding to my carefully prepared paperwork with form-letter postcards and finally telling me I ordered from the wrong web page (long gone!).

I still have one of those postcards on my desk, in case I ever get tempted to order from you guys again. “DELL MAIL-IN REBATE. Dear customer: Thank you for participating in this promotion. Unfortunately, we could not honor your request because of the following reason:

Your request was postmarked beyond the eligibility period for this promotion.”

Pete Austin says:

Re: nice going Dell

Sony did this to me about 10 years ago and I’ve never bought anything from the bastards since.

I was a fan until then, but it turns out that for almost everything Sony make, there’s a no-name Korean or Chinese company with something just as good for half the price.

The morals of this are:
a) Do not buy from Sony, they are scum.
b) Turning happy customers into hostile ex-customers is definitely bad for business.

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