Suing To Stop The Short VoIP E911 Deadline?

from the that's-one-way-to-deal-with-it dept

It appears that more people are beginning to notice the odd difference in timelines for VoIP providers and cellular operators to offer E911. The mobile operators were given years, and the dates get pushed back every so often. The VoIP providers? 120 days and random other conditions in the meantime. While there’s been some grumbling about this, one VoIP firm has finally decided to do something and is challening the FCC in court, saying that the 120 day deadline is arbitrary and difficult to comply with — especially when compared to the leeway granted to mobile operators.

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Comments on “Suing To Stop The Short VoIP E911 Deadline?”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:


While I agree that the 120 days is ridiculous, we all must agree that good 911 services is something we all could use. The problem as I see it is not in the short time allowed the VOIP services, but rather the ridiculous amount of time given to the mobile operators. Tell them all they have got 9 months to get the 911 in place or they are out of service till they do. End of story, no extensions. Actually, wouldn?t it make more sense that they all used the same 911 service and just connected to it? How hard could that be? I haven?t really followed the details of this story, so maybe that is what is actually being out in place. Still, it seems to me that they are all just a bunch of whiners and this 911 service is not that big of a thing to get going?

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