Computer Glitch Means Everyone Fails

from the don't-humans-do-anything-any-more? dept

Automation is certainly a good thing — but we all know computers have glitches. Aren’t humans supposed to at least do a casual reality check on some of these automated tasks? Apparently no one thought to bother at the North Peace Secondary School up in Canada, where a computer glitch resulted in every student receiving a transcript saying he or she had failed. These glitches do happen, but you would think that before these all got sent out, there would be at least some quality control with someone looking at a few of the transcripts and noticing that every single one of them was for a failing student.

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Comments on “Computer Glitch Means Everyone Fails”

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Mousky (user link) says:

Re: Duh!

I’ll second that. We have a new system at my work that will, among other things, keep track of files as they are processed. With the click (or two or three) of a button, you can see what stage the file is in. In theory, that sounds good. In reality, it is a hit and miss. Currently, I have a preliminary file in my to-do list, but the physical file has yet to appear on my desk. Two other preliminary files that supposedly are assigned to me, do not appear on my to-do list and the physical files are somewhere in the office. There is a major disconnect somewhere, especially between the virtual file and the physical paper file. The process worked well before this new software was forced upon us.

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