Another Day, Another Mobile Virus FUD Story

One mobile anti-virus firm, which is proving to be a major source of FUD, is at it again: apparently the Cabir mobile virus is spreading like crazy at the world track and field championships in Helsinki, according to unsubstantiated claims of its press release. People at the event — which happens to be in the same city as the company’s HQ — that happen to get infected can head right over to a sponsor’s tent for some disinfecting and a free month’s trial of the company’s AV software, though. Then there’s the new “BlueKISS” feature being pumped for Wireless USB that would pair two devices based solely on proximity — no passcode, no tacit approval, nothing. That sounds almost like it was invented by an AV company so it can later come along and sell you some anti-Kissnarfing software or something.

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Comments on “Another Day, Another Mobile Virus FUD Story”

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1 Comment
MyNameIsAnon says:

What A Surprise

This is no surprise to me. Anti virus companies are companies that try to fool you into thinking you need some magical application to protect your OS. What you need is some common sense, updates, browser configuration and many other security measures that ACTUALLY WORK. But hey, if you install an AV program, then you clearly don’t know a thing about security and you will quickly get infected with malware like so many Windows users out there, who run AV, and who get infected, and who get their accounts stolen or are part of botnets or all the other nefarious things malware does. Even if you use Linux or Mac, no OS can protect you from your own Stupidity!

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