K-911: Woman Blames Emergency Calls On Her Dog

from the ruht-roh dept

A New Jersey woman’s been charged with disorderly conduct after three late-night calls were made to 911 from her home. Only she claims her German Shepard, Slayer, made the calls by knocking the phone off the hook, then stepping on the keys. All a 911 operator could hear was heavy breathing, so police cars were dispatched. Hmm… 911 calls that were answered at the emergency number late at night — guess the woman doesn’t have a VoIP line.

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Comments on “K-911: Woman Blames Emergency Calls On Her Dog”

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dorpus says:

Send in the Raccoons

Pet raccoons will punch holes in doors, break windows when they want to go outside. They also have a nocturnal habit of climbing into kitchen cupboards and throwing out all the junk in their way. If they’re hungry, they’ll just bite your arm until it bleeds. Oh and, they might decide to have a party during mating season and bring in 20-30 wild raccoons into your house.

Ivan Sick says:

Re: Re: And by the way

North American raccoons are destroying Kyoto’s ugly wooden temples. The “world heritage sites” are becoming victims to the nature that they claim to respect. Raccoons have been climbing up the wooden pillars into attics, leaving trails of paw-shaped scratches. They have been gobbling up fish from ponds, punching holes in roofs, and knocking over Buddha statues. The Kyoto Buddhist Association, seeing that their stone gods aren’t helping them, is discussing plans for a raccoon holocaust. Last year, ethnic cleansing campaigns in Hokkaido sent 1,385 raccoons to incinerators; 977 in Kanagawa; and 222 in Osaka.
North American raccoons (procyon lotor) are an entirely separate animal from Japanese tanukis. There is still open debate among scientists as to whether raccoons are more closely related to bears or pandas. DNA tests have been inconclusive.


AC says:

911 Mistakes

I had a friend who’s long distance girlfriend lived in a 919 area code. One night after too much to drink he stuttered a little while dialing her phone number. 919-xxx-xxxx got entered as 911-9xx-xxxx………..Hello, mister policeman!
All would have been well if he didn’t get so angry when they wouldn’t go away without looking through the house.

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