More Companies Replacing Laptops With Desktops And Smart Phones

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For years, the trend in computer buying has been that desktops were on the way out and everyone was going to laptops. Laptops had become more powerful and (relatively) cheaper, and the flexibility just made it worthwhile. However, they’re still more expensive than desktops, and they’re much more likely to break and need to be replaced earlier than a desktop. At the same time, smartphones have become more powerful and (finally) higher speed wireless networks are becoming available to support them. Combine all of that and some companies are realizing it’s both cheaper and more effective to replace laptops with a desktop and a smartphone for some employees. It obviously depends on what the person does — and there are some things a laptop can do that are quite difficult on a smartphone device. However, for many, it definitely makes more sense.

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Comments on “More Companies Replacing Laptops With Desktops And Smart Phones”

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genius loci says:


I will admit to not needing my laptop as much as I used to for being out and about, and I love my PDA to death, partly for its usefulness as a portable hard drive and partly for its WiFi card. But as a writer and editor, I won’t give up my laptop unless they pry it from my cold dead arms. I suspect programmers and designers probably feel the same way.
Here’s a really dumb question: if these people are only using their laptops for email, surfing, IM-ing, and DVD playing, why do they need to be upgraded so often? Those functions are pretty basic, aren’t they? My Thinkpad is more than two years old and it still does absolutely everything I need it to, and it’s got plenty of speed.

Dave Dean says:

Re: Huh.

Absolutely correct. E-Mail, Web surfing, IM’ing and DVD playback require relatively little processing power, RAM, drive storage, or video processing equipment. DVD playback is probably at the top of that list, but basically if your 600mhz toshiba lappy can handle all that now, and you’re not taking on code compilation or hardcore 3d gaming, there is no good reason to upgrade. Generally, the reason laptops get upgraded is because someone wants the newest windows operating system or newest office, and MS continually adds bloat to their OS and desktop apps. I tend to think, “Skip the upgrades, find alternatives”. Increase the security of your windows 2k system with patches and 3rd party free software and go get yourself a copy of open office. You’ll be set for a GOOD long time. Really want to squeeze out a little extra performance? Download a copy of Ubuntu and replace that aging, bloated Windows OS.

You’ll thank me!

Paul M says:


In Japan, PDAs are very hot – they value portability very highly.

Sharp’s Zaurus is the best seller in Japan – partly because it comes with Japanese/English dictionary, perhaps also because it’s one of the old PDAs with a clamshell keyboard. The C3100 model with 4GB disk, an SD slot, IRDA, and an CF slot capable of taking a GPRS modem card, wireless or bluetooth gives you a lot of capability in the palm of your hand. I’ve an older SL-C860 model and my high-spec Dell Latitude tends to stay at home!


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