What's To Keep People At MySpace?

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Following News Corps deal to buy Intermix, mainly to get access to its immensely popular MySpace social networking offering, some are beginning to wonder if being owned by Fox could kill what made MySpace special for many users. There is, not surprisingly, the political angle. There are plenty of people within MySpace who aren’t happy with Rupert Murdoch’s politics, and some of them are making some noise about it. That aspect is probably overhyped, as it’s unlikely that most people care enough to make a real difference in the service. However, a much bigger concern is what News Corp ends up doing with MySpace in general over time as they decide they need to squeeze more money out of it. The number of cool online communities bought by larger companies… only to see the life squeezed out of them (or, more likely, left to whither away while other communities surpassed them) is pretty long (GeoCities and ICQ come to mind quickly). So, while MySpace has done an amazing job building up a huge community and getting people interested, they did so by being somewhat better at the whole social networking thing than Friendster — who first popularized the space. It’s not hard to see another offering come along and leapfrogging MySpace as well, and it’s hard to see what MySpace will have to keep people there.

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Comments on “What's To Keep People At MySpace?”

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Dres says:

Its what he will do

Annoying adds will be more prevalent, “freedom of type” will be tightened up so you can’t post whatever you want anymore. Your personal information is now at the fingertips of rupert murdoch to sell you information and personalize even more annoying ads to target with you things they THINK you want.
That is why this could kill myspace for what it was. Greed. Myspace is about community, News Corp is about money. It can make a world(or community) of difference.

joe (user link) says:

it's all those things already...

Having never been to mySpace, all this brouhaha led me to check it out. I was expecting, based on all the horror stories about what Murdoch will do to this site, to find a frickin’ on-line Whole Earth Catalog with people spinning to Grateful Dead bootlegs and holding anti-war protests.

Instead, the first thing I see at the top of the page is a banner as with Paris Hilton’s hideous grill. I hit the “browse” button. I was taken to a (default) page that offered me women 18-35. I saw multiple photos of skanks, pets, animated avatars and a woman who called heself “Sexy By Nature” but wan’t sexy or natural.

Looks to me like a singles site and the perfect target for the kind of advertising demographic News Corp wants.

You want privacy and self expression? Start a blog.

sarah says:

its true

i hate the fact that FOX uses myspace as a tool to view what people are talkign about to get good news. its like we are going to have to start watching what we say and i dont like it. not to mention the damn advertisment all over the place. i deleted my account just because FOX owns it now and i simply despise rupert murdoch. many of my friends are through with what used to be “MYspace”.

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