Where The Hell Am I On This Newspaper Website?

from the what-town?--what-sections? dept

This isn’t necessarily a new thing, but it seems that online newspapers still haven’t quite figured out that the people visiting them aren’t all local any more, and they may not know where they are. So, here’s another set of complaints about poorly designed newspaper websites that don’t tell people where the newspaper is talking about (the article mentions my personal favorite: sites that say “the Valley’s newspaper” or something like that without identifying which Valley). The other complaint is that online newspapers don’t clearly state what section something is in — so letters to the editor look exactly like regular articles. Reading through a paper newspaper at least gives some context — but those same newspapers’ websites should provide more context on each page for visitors from beyond the local area.

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Comments on “Where The Hell Am I On This Newspaper Website?”

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ratman (user link) says:

Bad newspaper sites

I emailed a rant similar to this to my hometown newspaper just last week. Their response? The people who need to respond to your letter are on vacation. So, I just dumped it to my blog. http://wheniamkingoftheworld.com

My biggest complaint of any newspaper is the wasted web space of national and international news. I want local, to the newspaper, news. That’s why I’m there. I want the local slant on the national news. Since most newspaper websites are tied to their published version, they just don’t seem to have the timeliness that is needed for the web.

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