Stalking Your eBay Seller Probably Not A Good Idea

from the just-saying... dept

Hey, not every transaction on eBay works out the way the buyer and seller hoped. There are ways to deal with that in a civilized manner… and that probably doesn’t include showing up at the seller’s house with a gun (the gun was left in the car, he didn’t take it out) and angrily demanding your money back… especially when they already offered to send you your money back in the mail. However, that is apparently what happened. The buyer as so angry over the quality of a set of glasses that despite the promise to refund his money, the guy drove from Pennsylvania to Kentucky to demand $100 (the glasses had been sold for $59). The guy was later arrested and acquitted, but turned around and sued saying that his rights were violated. The court has mostly disagreed, other than to say that the police might not have had probable cause to arrest him in the first place.

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Comments on “Stalking Your eBay Seller Probably Not A Good Idea”

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Spam says:

No Subject Given

If someone from eBay shows up at my place and gets in my face about a refund, I’m shooting the bastard myself.

then again, ebay *is* a safe harbor for criminals. They don’t care if you’ve been ripped off for anything less than $500.

There are just too many asshats on ebay these days anyway. I sold an iPod recently and the guy paid on Sunday and was all pissed off when the item didn’t arrive on Tuesday. I shipped it UPS ground, like the auction said (he was on the other side of the country) and he had the balls to say that *I* should pay the difference for 2nd day air. What an ass.

Sux ebay (user link) says:

Re: I go tbanned from ebay

I got suspended from ebay, for listing fees owed, and that is primarily my fault. But they suspended my brother saying he was linked to me, but did not suspend my other account i made before I got suspended.
Anyways, I hope someone knocks ebay off their high money horse, because they are not even gonna see it comming.

Sell for free at


$100 for signin up, and $50 for referals.

Kev (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

I read your thing and it’s hilarious, I sold a USB for $20.00 and I was suppose to receive a shipment from supplier, but it never came in and I don’t know when it was going to come in, I offered a refund and they were saying they want more than they paid, the item was purchased on 17th, the description says 100%, please wait 3-5 business days to process payment, then after 3-5 extra business days, so they said, give to me within 5 days or pay me $30.00 and compensation, so I just said forget it, I’ll just refund them the money that they paid for. If I shipped the item in 5 days which the buyer should allow me to, there is no guarantee it would arrive within 5 days because they live in Australia, customs and all that stuff, I now have blocked them, and them to f…off, but it’s hilarious what buyers would do. If they want the USB again, purchase it somewhere else because when my shipment officially arrives, they ain’t getting nothing from me, what hurts is that paypal charged me $.30, so I lost money on paypal and the FVF, which I am happily to take to not deal with this loser in Australia. They only have a 13 feedback compared to my 120+ positive feedback, what a joke.

Scott says:

Re: Ebay sucks

Not if you shop wisely. Pay attention to the feedback ratings….contact the person before you bid. There are literally thousands of people that make their living soley from ebay. I use it all the time. I have been able to sell stuff that I would otherwise just thrown away. Ebay does not suck. I have never had a problem in over 200 transactions.


Re: Re: Re: Ebay sucks


LE says:

Re: Re: Re: Ebay sucks

i agree with pretty much everyone here to one degree or another. ebay does suck 50% of the time. i am a seller and a buyer. unfortunately i am addicted to ‘the hunt’. i love to hunt for rare and hard to find items. as a buyer, i can say with 100% honesty that ebay is NOT a safe forum for buying. i have reported the same crooked seller three times to ebay. they were kicked off ebay using one name and i reported them, then they were kicked off ( after dozens of complaints ) they popped up under another seller name and i reported them again, and ebay kicked them off a second time. now they are selling again under a new and very similar name. i reported them to ebay a third time and now two weeks later they are still selling. the bottom line is ebay cares about the money – screw the buyers. their resident safety and trust policies are useless because they are based on you – the buyer – contacting the seller to resolve the issue – and nine times out of ten that is an exercise in frustration. once alot of time passes and a seller generates enough complaints, ebay will slowly do something about it. and tryin g to communicate with ebay’s “customer support” is an outright joke. all they know how to do is quote something from a faq. you might as well be trying to hold an intelligent conversation with a talking car alarm. . as for being a seller, i can also say that about 10% of the time, people who buy on ebay are totally unreasonable asses. i sold an item on a friday – labor day weekend. the p.o. and local shippers were all closed saturday sunday and monday. this jackass contacted me – very rudely i might add – angry because he didn’t have his item the next monday. what an idiot. also there is a high occurance of new ebayers who bid, don’t pay, then never contact you. it costs to list items on ebay, and getting a refund for the listing fees due to deadbeat bidders is like pulling teeth. when ebay first came out it was cool, fun and safe. now that they have bought out paypal and the paypal logo is conveniently plastered every damned where on ebay, it is now 100% about making MONEY. ebay is going to be like aol soon, too big for its britches. the competitiors who emulate the old ebay style of selling will eventually knock ebay out of the top spot for good.

f-ebay says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Ebay sucks

I agree EBAY is crap, I tell people to STAY AWAY FROM EBAY , EBAY SUCKS , if you leave negative comment in the forum your post is deleted, what kind of BS crap is that ? ………. How can things be better if buyers complain about something and its deleted before the buyer can view to prevent this further ? ……. simple, STAY AWAY FROM EBAY , EBAY SUCKS.

J. Dito says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Ebay sucks

The fact that you were able to contact anyone at Ebay in the first place amazes me. They have screwed-up my personal list of what I have bought, so much so, that it is difficult to buy and to leave any feedback. If you know of anyway to contact a real person, would you please let me know. If you go to the web-site and press “help”, what you get is a list of problems, and these all have to do with buyers and sellers. There is no place Ebay includes something that maybe wrong with their system and it needs to straightened out. I find this lack of being able to communicate very frustrating and annoying. The problem I am having is with Ebay, no buyer or seller. Thank you, J. Dito

hooly gunn says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Ebay sucks

I’m just reading up on this because I have an unhappy seller harassing me. I am a fair person and have tried to work things out since I realize there are two sides to each story. But this guy would rather fight than resolve things. He is not only stupid (as in knows everything but doesn’t know anything… really) but acting like a total jerk, and has decided to just harass me and demand money. Even when I have agreed to give him money (for something in writing saying he has no further complaint) he just gets mean and wierd and calls names. I have tried to be calm and professional. I have asked eBay for help… Ebay has done everything I have read about here… NOTHING. I think I may just switch over to a competitor auction site… is there anything decent out there?

Ebayvictim says:

Re: Re: Re: Ebay sucks

Im setting up a class action lawsuit against their customer services they promised. Live-help? yea right just directs you back into helpdesk which takes a week to receive emails. Too many emails? Get more STAFF!
All these talks about how great they are, id love to get into their “educational” courses and find out about their customer services. Even as a powerseller, they promised they will respond quicker than regular ebayers. What do they do? Forward my emails to safeharbour and waited another 7 days, my email still havent been answered.
I have a 400+ fb score, powerseller, and I had $1500+ going each week. Im not that high yet, who cared anyways
i live an hour away from their headquarters. Id like to file a class action lawsuit or get our stories on air. Ebay may think their “APPLE” right now but I hope when the story airs “MICROSOFT” will kick their butt. The real problem is, that they dont have enough competition.I hope someone will be the next Ebay. Investors, you can do it. all they really need is a better customer support

Email FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION. Why do we have to follow their rules and they don’t promise us what we’re suppose to get? I’d love to see someone generate a fb system for ebay. Id give them a HUGE negative
lawsuit-if i get enough people emailing me ill try to find a CONTIGENCY lawyer, who’ll only take in our wins, and if he loses he won’t get any money. But we’ll have to get enough people for them to accept our case

David says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Ebay sucks

I agree, ebay customer service is very low quality. They blow off most ebay sellers whenever we try to contact them about problems with the website. Often times the website will malfunction in a way which prevents sellers from using the service and this can interfere with a sellers ability to manage their auctions and be successful. It is like paying for electricity or water or other services and not getting it when you need to take a shower or you need light or anything similar. We pay for their auction service and then because of website errors we cannot even access the service. If you complain and ask for a refund ebay just blows you off and gives you the run around. I also notice that the service become very innaccessible but not 100% disabled if you have a balance with them and you do not pay it immediately. They give all sellers a 30 day period to pay the current invoice yet for some reason they will start harrassing you daily with popups and emails saying that your account is now suspended and all kinds of similar intimidation tactics. Its really not fair because like another seller on this site has mentioned, often times dead bead bidders/buyers never pay after bidding and winning an auction. Ebay makes sure to charge the seller fees immediately adding the fees to the sellers account balance, yet the seller has to wait weeks to process any refund of fees for non-paying bidders. Also, ebay does not refund all fees on a small portion of the fees are considered refundable and only if you relist the item and successfuly sell it the second time. If for some unfortunate reason it does not resell the second time you don’t get a refund of the fees! Its pretty unfair! Ebay and paypal take on average 10% off the top of a sellers fees. That is alot! on top of that, don’t forget uncle sam who takes alot more another 20-30% don’t forget self-employment tax another 7.5% for social security since you’re self employed. After everything average seller might make a few bucks if lucky. but most of all, ebay customer service just blows people off with automated responses and brainless answers from their staff and very long wait times. If they answer you wrong, you have to reenter the question que by submitting another question through the website and re-explain yourself over and over because you cannot have an ongoing discussion with a particular rep. Its one shot question and one reply per question, no threads. Its really designed to frustrate the person and make them give up on trying. Ebay is fully capable of implementing message tracking between buyer and sellers but not between ebay and its customers. That is deliberate. Also ebay website has lots of bugs and it will affect millions of members. Ebay is so deserving of class action lawsuits for all the millions that it is swindling from its customers a few cents a day per member.

William says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Ebay sucks

I also just got burned on ebay using paypal.
bought high-end e way car speakers,paid instantly on Jan 23rd 2006,the seller took 6 days to ship,I did get the speakers,but out of 6 total,only 2 worked
I had them installed at a shop so I also had to pay to have them removed.

The seller said no problem send them back for an immediate replacement.
I fedex’d them back to him and when I knew he signed for them I sent him an email asking when he would ship.
He then said he needed 24-48 hours to process ?,I waited 4 days sending emails back and forth with him always saying the same thing,there is a process for this type of thing blah blah blah…..

I then setup a paypal buyers complaint,he emailed me the next day through an ebay msg saying that unless I take off the paypal buyers complaint as well as the negative feedback I also left…that he would not send me the replacement speakers at all,I figured he’s a power seller,and it’l be ok.

I cancel the complaint and remove the feedback and now it’s been 11 days and still no speakers.
SO I try and setup another complaint and I’m told that once I cancel that’s it…….
and paypal is no longer reponsible ???????

I threatened to meet the seller in person {I know I know I read that piece} and he said I would be greeted accordingly,
I’m in NY and he’s in Irvine CA so that’s just not going to happen anyway.
I then sent him possible flights that would cost $119. each way and a google-earthed map from the airport to his business {25 minutes}
he gets back and then says I just need to be patient that this process takes longer than one would expect ??????

the other odd thing what happened is that the date on the listing changed from ending when I paid with paypal on Jan 23rd to Feb 18th ?????

I had sent ebay a msg/complaint about this and the power seller team got back to me saying they will look into this,and I should fill out a compplaint from either side.
you would think they would know I could no longer setup a buyers complaint with paypal,and that since the date changed in the listing,I need to wait 10 days after listing ends before it will let me setup an ebay complaint.

the item was $334.00,and I also paid $37.00 to ship them back #$%@

the paypal account is linked to my bank account,
if I used my CC I would ok probably ?,but my bank said they couldn’t do a thing.

I’d also like to hear about class-action suits.

Ripped off says:

Re: Re: Re:4 Ebay sucks

Just lost $450 on ebay!!!!
I bought a collectors item that was 1 of only 100 pieces. I paid in full via Paypal. I am located Overseas so the shipping was expensive. None the less the seller contacts me after receiving payment and says that the shipping will now be another $40! I said that I would not have purchased the item if the shipping had been more expensive than advertised, thus I was happy instead to have a refund.
He replied that it was “too bad – it’s just the way it is.”
Seller stated that he had spent the money, had $8 in his Paypal account and that there was no way he could refund my money any time soon. I said that as long as he prioritised it and remained in contact I could wait a reasonable period of time.

He then stated that he could not refund, that instead he would open a “payment not received” dispute via ebay using the pretense that buyer and seller had mutually agreed to cancel the transaction. This way he said, he could retrieve his listing fees and that would make up the difference in postage. Thus he could then post the item.

At this juncture he opened the dispute, I however did not agree nor intend to lie to ebay about the cancellation of the transaction. He said that he would not post it until I agreed. He commenced sending more and more aggressive emails insisting I agree to cancel the transaction so he could re-coup his fees or he would not ship the item.

This is when I opened a Paypal “item not received” dispute.

He posted the item and provided a tracking number as I requested within the dispute.

Throughout his communication with me he became increasingly harassing. He was using threats and abuse to intimidate me into firstly giving him more money, then agreeing to the ebay dispute then finally he started sending me numerous e-mails whilst the Paypal dispute was open. These e-mails were heightened in aggression and contained threats about me ruining his business and how he would make sure to get even with me for the trouble I was causing him by having the Paypal dispute open.

I found that the threats and the abuse had become intolerable. To get him to cease and desist in this harassment I closed the Paypal dispute. I felt I had little other choice as he was making things unbearable.

I received the item approx. ten days later. I opened it immediately at the post office to confirm the contents only to find that the item was broken in half!!!! The item is now not worth a cent to any collector thus it is worthless.


Re: Re: Re:2 REPLY



Willy Slick says:

Re: Re: Re:3 REPLY

If you want the ebay 800 phone number,send me an email at WillPower@Mad.Scientist.Com

You will sit on hold for an hour or 2, but if you have a speaker phone it won’t seem so bad. duh.. anyway, eBay needs to have their collective asses sued into oblivion for the absolute worst customer service in the whirled… at least thats what I figure.

Also, I have to serve some legal papers on eBay, does anyone have the legal address for legal service to eBay.CA
I’m going to small claims for 10K and I want to make sure I have their correct legal address. I am sure I will win, because what are the odds that they will actually show up?
Even if they do I don’t care, I’ll just go back and back and back until I get some satisfaction

DONC (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Ebay sucks


I recently received a royal shaft (sans lube) from Ebay and I am also interested in participating in a class action suit. I can’t read your email adde in this post but I’m happy to share mine:

please let me know how to get in touch and I’ll be happy to cooperate in a law suit. I am (or was) doing about $1500 a week and 550 plus feedback at 99.3%

they shut me down without warning due to their error and I have been attempting to get back up and running since 3/28.

In the meantime I’m building a Yahoo store and recomend that you do the same.


Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Ebay sucks


deb says:

Re: Re: Ebay sucks

Sometimes, no matter how good the feedback, you still get screwed. I asked a seller a few questions about an item, requesting them to specifiy that it was genuine, not fake since the listing didn’t say. Also asked if possible to take more photos since the ones on the site were bad and got a nasty email back that they weren’t taking any more photos and that they were removing my bid. They had positive feedback of 99% with over 700 transactions, so you would think this is someone willing to make a buyer feel comfortable.

Allan says:

Re: Re: Ebay sucks

I have had problems with coin sellers dumping sub-standard coins on me and then thinking it’s ok because I can return them (eating all the shipping, listing and selling fees of course) I am through buying on ebay unless highly recommended from someone I trust. The feedback ratings are not accurate because if you leave a truthful neg., the seller will leave a lying neg. on your account to retailiate. As in the world in general, ebay has many more dishonest sellers than honest ones.

Mikey says:

Re: Re: Ebay sucks

With all due respect, Obviously you haven’t sold much.

Feedback system is a joke now.

In a year ALL buyers will be 100% as a seller cannot warn other sellers that ‘problems with this one’… Even if you do leave a positive feedback and negative comment in text response area… ebay will remove it…
Feedback is now slanting ebays ‘level playing field’ to themselves and their $$$’s.

I was a 7 year ebay seller with over 6000 sales and (only 2000+ feedback credits).. yet 90% now, with a scamming buyer and two disappointed buyers who left neutrals.

Deal is that if seller doesn’t keep posting items (listing fees for ebay) feedback will fall even if seller has only ONE NEUTRAL and that was recently..

BOTH of my neutrals were lost USPS mails and funds FULLY refunded but buyers were disappointed… Even though I didn’t have to do anything as I had mailing confirmation but I did. B uyers apoligized for leaving neutrals but were upset I wouldn’t mail again and me foot the bill. They understood … one took me up on the deal for just postage.. but had already left feedback… so I’m as bad as a bad seller out to burn you with 2 negatives and a lot of sales.

You loose a sales credit after 12 months so if you do not list (more listing $$ for ebay whether it sells or not)your feedback will fall…
% only counts sales in past 12 months divided by feedbacks + neutrals+ Negatives = %

SO you could have a seller selling hundreds of items a week and a couple of negatives, will come out the same feedback % as a seller that sells 4 or 5 items a week has one neutral seller 2 will actually be lower %, as a seller that doesn’t give a poo and writes off as doing business but list and sells hundreds of items. His score won’t change much with more positives (listing fees and final sale fees to ebay)

Even if in my case, seller cares and goes extra mile, answers email, ships promptly, communicates! and gets 2 neutrals, this makes seller look worse than a seller with one negative!

… and all bad marks from a year ago gets erased, don’t count.

FEEBAY mid priced small items like I sell like I auction I pay in the end about 18% back to ebay. Dollar or so listing fee with photos…. 8.3% of the final sale ‘in the end’ another 3.2% if we accept Pay Pal… $10 item I get maybe $7.50 after fees.

Yes ebay MAY slowly do something about it, WE ‘members’ are paying for it right now. I’ll not list and watch my score slowly decline (even though 78 positives in only past 30 days until I stopped listing) Dropped another .2% and I had no transactions or feedbacks change!

This is just getting too long..
so many problems, so little bytes

Adios Feebayos!

Frank Esquitin says:

Re: Ebay sucks

Shantel is 100% right by saying “Too many weird psychos gravitate there”.

On July 16th, 2005 Dwayne Schimke, ebay user ‘Turnedtwo’ contacted me about a bike I was selling on eBay. He emailed saying that he wanted to come to my home and pick up the bike. I have clearly stated in all of my auctions that I do not allow people to pick up items. He admits himself that he ‘didn’t read the whole auction’ After a few emails were exchanged I told him I had blocked him from bidding, and asked him not to email me anymore. He was offended that I forbid him to bid on my auction, and continued to email me several more times after I had asked him to stop emailing me. Then I called his home, I used some choice words and told him to stop emailing me.

After that, he did not email me anymore and I did not email him or call him anymore. I thought this was the end of it. Then a few months later Bret Shipp from WFAA shows up at my home and starts asking questions about the confrontation and about Cindy

Once I heard the name Cindy Burleson, it became clear why the reporter was there.

Cindy Burleson and Lisa Taylor have been harassing me and my family for almost two years now. She goes by eBay user IDs : , fireyredhead1960, cindysilver2004, curtain_climbers, officerfredfw

They have done everything they can think of to ruin my business, my reputation, and basically my life. They have accused me of anything they could think of, and have reported me to anyone they could come up with in an attempt to reek some sort of revenge against me and have me kicked off of eBay.

I was first contacted by Cindy Burleson in Feb. 2004. She had won one of my auctions for $1.50. She told me she was going to my house and pick up the item. I told her I do not let anyone from the internet come to my house. She insisted that she knew where I lived, and she was going to come over. She got really mad that I refused to allow her in my home. She began accusing me of bidding on my own auctions. The auction had started for $1, so she was accusing me of committing fraud to gain 50 cents ! She reported this to eBay, and emailed my customers with this ridiculous claim.

She then started calling me, and emailing obsessively, then she got her daughter, her boyfriend, and her friends to email me. I have received well over 1,000 emails from her and her friends/family. I got over 500 from them in one day alone. I did call her quite a few times to try to get her to stop, I threatened legal action, she just kept emailing and calling. I gave up, and stopped responding to her harassment in February 2004 and changed my phone number to stop her calls. That is when the real horror began. She is on a mission to do everything she can to effect my life, my business, and my family.

She took one of my emails to her and changed it to say that I was coming to kill her. She sent it to eBay so that they would cancel my account. I had a copy of the original email with the time, date, and ID numbers. I was able to prove to eBay that I did not do this, and they eventually reinstated my account. Meanwhile I was suspended for 30 days with no income because of this lie.

After all of these false allegations from Cindy and her daughter I began to suspect they were the ones up to no good on eBay, so I started to research her accounts and I found out Cindy would list items (such as Tiffany jewelry) and Lisa would bid against other bidders on the items to drive the price up! She had accused me of this when her and her daughter were the ones really doing it ! I showed eBay and eBay suspended the accounts. Neither Cindy Burleson or Lisa Taylor have been allowed on eBay since that time.

Cindy and Lisa both knew it was me who reported them and it only fueled their hatred towards me. Needless to say the story did not end there.

She handed out my home address and phone number to everyone she knows. They then started calling and driving by my house (then would call and/or email to say they had driven by) I filed a police report with the Johnson County Sheriff after they came by late one night in May 2004. I thought it would end after that but the worst was yet to come.

The 10news story states I was arrested for “harassment” and shows the mug shot from that ‘most recent’ arrest. The only reason I was arrested for harassment was because on 3-15-2004 Cindy Burleson filed a false police report against me with the Grand Prairie Texas police department. Apparently her story did not hold water, so action was not taken by the police. The following week 3-22-2004, Lisa goes back to Grand Prairie Texas police department and tells them a different story (someone must have told them their first report did not do it and what they would have to say in order for the Grand Prairie police to take action). A warrant was issued for me after the second report. I obtained copies of the 2 conflicting police reports and there is absolutely no mention of any ‘death threat’ in either of the 2 reports. In fact the reports say I had called 5 times, not the 30-40 she is claiming now. The strangest part of the 2 conflicting reports is that they were both taken by the same police officer. This is a matter of public record and can be verified by anyone through the Grand Prairie Police Department.

Now I ask you, if you were the police officer who took the initial report and knew full well it was false, why would you accept a second report with a different story from the same 2 people and allow them to use different names and addresses, but the same phone numbers ? Not to mention the fact that neither Cindy, her daughter, nor I resided in or around Grand Prairie at all.

Bret Shipp of WFAA was advised of all of this, but he made absolutely no mention of these facts I provided him with in the story they did on me. I guess the truth did not make for a ‘juicy’ story in Bret’s eyes.

I had no idea I even had a warrant for this until the night I was pulled over in my hometown of Cleburne a couple days after Christmas. I spent 5 days (including New Years Eve!) in jail before I could come up with the $5,000 bond they put on me ! Once the DA looked into the matter my bond was refunded in full and no charges were filed. I still spent 5 days in jail because of this woman’s lies !

She has continued to harass me and my family. She said that she has been ‘terrorized’ but I have not emailed, called or initiated any contact with her since Feb. 2004. She and her daughter have continued this for almost 2 years now. Every so often I get some kind of strange email message from her. She tells me she likes my house, my car, my truck, and my wife. She has sent emails to my wife stating she has had sex with me in an effort to have my wife think I cheated on her. Both her and her daughter send me emails asking if I am having a nice day and that they love me, stuff like hugs and kisses and such. She even ran a criminal background check on me, got all of my personal information, then emailed to tell me she had this information. She emailed me in July 2005 saying she had driven by my house and saw me smoking in the front yard. She told me how ‘white trash’ she thought that was.

Now I ask you, if someone is harassing and ‘terrorizing’ you, why on earth would you be emailing them to antagonize them and drive by their home which is more than an hour away?

Cindy was frustrated that I was not responding to her emails and phone calls and proceeded to involve the Media and tell them the same bogus story she told eBay about me threatening her life. In fact, I found out about this whole ‘Ebay Bully’ story from HER!! She emailed me to show me what she had done.

After the 10news story aired I started receiving many emails from irate eBay users cussing me out left and right. I was lead into numerous chat forums and discussion boards which were discussing this ‘Ebay Bully’ story and even going as far as posting satellite images of my neighborhood and specifically pointing out my house on the image! Then eBay canceled my accounts telling me I had become a “legal liability” to them, and they could not allow me to conduct business on their site. This entire ordeal has become an ongoing nightmare from which I cannot seem to wake up.

I am an honest small business owner, just trying to make a living and take care of my home and family. I have been selling on eBay for 7 years. I have 1000’s of happy customers. It is unfortunate that I have lost my sole source of income due to a couple of persistent people with nothing better to do than to come up with ways to destroy my life. I now have been put out of business, and have no way to support myself or my family.

I have suffered loss of wages, false imprisonment, harassment, defamation of character, and now public humiliation at the hands of Cindy and her clan. I honestly cannot believe something like this could happen over a $1.50 auction. If it had not happened to me I still would not believe it.

The scariest part of this whole ordeal is that I have come to realize that Cindy Burleson is not going to stop. She is obsessed with me, and has made it her life’s mission to harass me and my family. If it happened to me, it could happen to anyone out there.

Lee Evans says:

Re: Re: Ebay sucks

Frank… all I can say is ho-lee shit man. I am so sorry to hear you have to endure such. I can believe it also, knowing some of the people I have dealt with on ebay. I strongly believe that ebay will eventually be handed the biggest class action lawsuit in history sometime in the next few years. They need to be shut down or taken over, period. Best of luck taking your business elsewhere.


bob says:

Re: Re: Ebay sucks

This guy is nuts, just look at all the things he has done. It’s his voice screaming obscenities over the phone not Cindy, Lisa, Dwayne or Linda. The old saying, if there is smoke there is fire. I think Mr. Esquitin is burning up. There is more than meets the eye. He sure is trying to get the focus off himself. I hope that eveybody will hear the basis of the report and that he did not even go on camera to defend himself. He also admitted to the cursing and swearing at Ms. Burleson and her daughter. So you can decide the truth. I think I have.

Frank Esquitin says:

Re: Re: Re: Ebay sucks


Let me know how you would handle almost 2 years of constant harassment by a pair of obsessed women with too much time on their hands. Let me know how you would feel if these women had men drive by your home and call you on the phone to let you know they drove by and were watching you, your wife, and your kids. You say I did not even go on camera to defend myself ?? Do you think for a second when the report showed up at my house he was there to hear me defend myself ?? No, he had his mind made up that I was this mean guy who cusses for absolutely no reason at all completely unprovoked. I called him and told him the 100% truth. I told him about the fake police reports that were made against me, yet he made no mention of that in his report. You see why I did not want to talk to him on camera ? The reporter made you believe what he wanted you to believe and you believed it. If you want to see the emails I received and the fake police reports Cindy and her Daughter made against me, just ask and I will show them to you. I am not trying to get the focus off of me, I want it on me so everyone can see how I was harassed. The TRUTH will come out. Maybe it will not make the news, since the TRUTH is not news worthy, but it will come out.

Frank Esqutin says:

Re: Re: Re: Ebay sucks


Another thing, do you actually believe someone would spew obscenities to someone else for simply asking a question ? Dwayne emailed me asking where I lived so that if he bid on and won my auction he could pick the item up. I told him to read the auction since it was stated I did not allow local pick-up (for the obvious reason CINDY BURLESON). He emailed me back telling me I was rude and why would I expect him to even bid on my items with that attitude (all of a sudden I have an attitude because I do not want strangers in my home). I emailed him back telling him he was banned from bidding on my items and that we would not be doing business together so not to email me anymore. He continued emailing me and ridiculing me with messages like “he. he, he!” and such. I told him to stop emailing me, but he continued. That is the ONLY reason I called. I wanted him to stop, and guess what, he did not email me after that, so apparently that is what it took to make Dwayne Schimke stop emailing me. I did not see ANY of this on the story, did you ? There IS more than meets the eye, but the reporters writing these stories do not want you to know the full TRUTH, just the half truths that get them ratings. Open up your eyes, yes, where there is smoke there is fire, but you have to also ask yourself, who started that fire and who is responsible for all of the damage that fire caused ?????

Teresa says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Ebay sucks

Yes, I beleive it too. This is totally disgusting that such an evil person could do this and get away with it. She clearly has a MENTAL problem.

have you gone to your local courthouse and requesed a restraing order, these also include third parties, she will undoubtedly do what the restraining order tells her not to, either personally or use a third party, have her ass thrown in Jail and see how tough she is with the “real” tough girls. This woman is a nut case. I can guarantee you, this is not the first time she has done this. What a disgusting person she is, god help us if she has kids just like her!

You should not have to defend yourself to posting accusing you of making this up, or because you did not defend yourself, I would have done the same thing, big deal, so you didn’t go on camera and what..that means your guilty, it really amazes me the logic of some peole.

GET THIS WOMAN LOCKED UP SHE IS PSYCHO and I would truly be afraid for my safety and that of my family. don’t let this evil ~~&%*#@ do this to you.

Stay Strong and take Care!!

Taylor Burleson (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Ebay sucks

Dude u caused my family hell. If ne of you want the truth i should noe. i bid on them fuckin comic books. tht mother fucker said he would kill my mom in front of me. u fuckin are crzy. u noe better mother fucker. my mother never did go by ur house. u my friend are a fuckin liar. my sister never did either. so you fuckin story dont mean jack shit. If ne of yall want the real story contact me

j.garvin (user link) says:

Re: Re: Ebay sucks

Man I realy feel for you, I was kicked off ebay because of no fault of my own, I stupidly replied to a fraud paypal email and had my paypal account frozen and my ebay account suspended. I almost fainted at first but after a few days I decided that it was no great loss, I mean honestly. The reason I started selling on ebay was that I loved the product that I was selling,(tshirt transfers) and I wanted to share it with other people, and I loved the ebay comunity, and the biggest thing that I will miss is the messages I got from people that loved my items and, were so happy that they could wear the things they realy liked. I had a great fb rateing, sold hundreds of items and always made sure my customers were satisfied, as I am sure this man probably did, I realy feel for you as I did have some complaints that turned out to be not quite as psycho as yours, but they were very upsetting, because I went out of my way to make sure they were happy that I had promised myself. Ebay needs to do something about their customer service big time, and did you know that anyone can have your listings removed, any one and that includes your competitors, and how many people are struggling to make money on ebay, I won’t point any fingers but it happens, all they have to do is say it infringes , and it is off. I had a listing removed for a picture of my own dog, and a funny saying I made up myself, unreal. But thats fine, I have lost all respect for ebay, I am not even going to bother fighting the suspension,(deaf ears anyway) there are plenty of other sites who care about their customers and lets face it, people will do anything to make money, and ebay is a dangerous place to trade, I think for both buyer and seller, believe me I have done both.I hope that you have recovered your business and are doing well, and got rid of that nut case, good luck

seamoose77 says:

Re: Re: Re: RE: Andrew Cucchiara You NEED TO GET A LIFE

Don’t you think you are TOO OLD to be living with your Parents, Andy? Let me see, you are approaching 60. You are unmarried and have no kids. You spend MOST of your free time at work, not working, but SNOOPING on your co-workers. SAD, SAD, SAD. I almost want to cry–it’s so SAD. (LMAO) I/we’ve been on to you for years. ADVICE: beware of the initials: LM SV QC NM LN LB NG KS SK DD and DR. They are out to get ya.

Concerned ebayer says:

Re: Re: Ebay sucks

DO NOT BELIEVE THIS PERSON! He is calling and harrassing me over an eBay auction right as we speak! This is how I found this forum. I searched for his name because he called my home over 25 times just yesterday and even called at 1:00AM. He is Obviously a BAD person to have on eBay or to deal with at all. I have contacted the police and eBay to try to stop this.
After reading this above I am glad to not live near him, But what will he do next “Electronically”? THIS SUCKS! All I did was dealt on ebay and look what has happened!

Richard Lareau (user link) says:

Re: Yes eBay Does Suck. How Can I sue them?

I really want to sue them, either by joining or starting a Class Action Lawsuit, or by making them travel all the way to Massachusetts to argue against my small claims complaint.
Can anyone offer me any advice on how I can accomplish this.
I think I can drag their sorry arses into my jurisdiction, at which point they might just settle, as they should, since they are totally in the wrong.
They suspended me and won’t even tell me why or discuss it at all.
That seems rather unconstitutional, mopolistic, dictatorial, and mean-spirited.
Please Help!

I hate ebay says:

Fricking witch!

Here’s how eBay phucked me!

I sold a legal retail version of a DVD on ebay. WHen I created the auction, I used eBay’s neat feature where you enter the ISBN number from the DVD and they automatically supply a photo and the description. Cool, just like Amazon does. The DVD is sold, but then the next day, eBay removes my already completed auction because they claim I’m selling a copied DVD. WTF???? Where do they come off accussing me of this?

But wait, it gets better. THe buyer receives an email from eBay informing her that my DVD is a illegal copy, so she freaks out and emails me telling me she’s sending it back. I inform her that it’s a legal retail DVD and there’s nothing to worry about; eBay made a mistake. NO NO NO, the little witch insists “she doesn’t feel right about it”, even though she has it in her hands and can clearly see that it’s a legal retail DVD. I get it back and then the witch files a fraud complaint on paypal citing ‘Not as Described’. Long story short, ebay won’t listen to my side of the story, paypal allows her to provide all the data in the world and my only option after reading her complaint is to check “Do not Agree”. They don’t allow me to give MY SIDE OF THE STORY. After I lose the sale, paypal follows up with another message stating “If you can prove you sent the package, maybe we’ll help you.” At this point I’m furious!! The buyer ALREADY ADMITTED SHE RECEIVED IT!!!!! The complaint was that she beleived it was a fake DVD because of eBay’s mistake. Obviously Paypal didn’t even read teh full complaint, treated me like the criminal and in the end cited with the buyer that lied about “Not as Described” (which was ironic being that all the words in teh auction describing teh DVD were from eBay).

Cassandra (user link) says:

Ebay problems

I have found that ebay sides with the person who makes them the most money. Several years back, I had found a copycat auction site that was trying to take ebay’s business away by offering free listings. I had really hoped they’d go, but several years later, they are still mostly undiscovered and little used. Perhaps if I post their link here, more disgruntled ebayers will find out about them. They are .

Vortex33 (user link) says:

eBay is all about the seller with no protection for buyers.

I just recently had a problem with eBay seller dressed2the9s after doing a BIN (Buy It Now) and paying immediately. I kept emailing them asking about my item (with no response back) and it took them 11 days just to tell me it wasn’t in stock. They offered a refund which I accepted but after another week of asking about the refund I finally got a response that the item had shipped.

Perhaps now would be a good time to point out I needed these shoes for a wedding. In every email I sent them, I mentioned the date I when needed the shoes but they “never got that email”.

I did everything I could. I paid on time (within an hour of doing a Buy It Now). I kept in contact with the seller (10 emails from me and one phone call which they never returned). And I still got slammed by eBay because the seller eventually did ship (25 days after I paid). I should have just filed a Non-Performing Seller and Item Not Received.

Now I am stuck with a retaliatory negative feedback because I told the truth in my feedback to the seller. And a pair of shoes that are useless to be since they were finally delivered after the wedding. dressed2the9s is notorious for leaving retaliatory feedback (which all reads like it was written by a nasty gradeschool kiddy). They sell items they don’t even have in stock and then leave negative feedback claiming it is the buyers fault!

And now they are harassing me about the webpage I created that contains all the emails that I sent and received from them. The truth hurts and I hope it hurts them tenfold!

Brian Rahn says:

Ebay sucks

Ebay has changed a lot since we started there a couple years ago. Everything went okay for the most part except for several wackos/nuts until recently. Now we’ve gotten over 1500 fb and 99.5 positive, but things turned sour fast. Found out Paypal can freeze your funds and reverse funds even when you sell to a CONFIRMED buyer! The buyer is still a registered member, left us positive fb, and paypal has frozen our funds saying the buyer used an unauthorized account to pay. Also, we had a bunch of listings removed because someone reported them as being fake; but they were not which makes us madder yet! So we had to take a tutorial before we could sell again…the tutorial had 13 questions or so and kept freezing up on #8, so we were not able to sell or list until they finally fixed it many days later. ebay admits they’re not experts on authenticity, but since someone thought the listings looked suspicious they had to remove our listings. Ebay can reverse the payments anytime they want to and refund a buyer even if they suspect that an item sold was not authentic! We are in no hurry to list any more items at this point; this has opened up our eyes to see how crooked ebay and paypal really are. Ebay needs to be sued by class-action for all the schemes they are pulling. No one is safe, and if you use ebay or paypal for any length of time, you will be cheated too.

Vickie says:

Ebay or Ebully

EBAY is a crook and so is their co. PAYPAL. Ebay is removing listings like crazy, even when the items are not fakes. VERO is not even cautious when they report, because a lot of items they report are real, not counterfits. Also, a lot of fellow ebayers out there are reporting even though they are not qualified to do so; they often times report items that are legit so they can eliminate the competition. And paypal is an ebay company; they can reverse money any time from your account with reasons such as, item sold not authentic, item not allowed for sale on ebay, etc. So what happens? The person gets stuck without their merchandise and without any payment but still liable for fees to ebay for listing, etc. Now eby is even refusing to give your listing fees back when they remove your items!! They can suspend you indefinitely without good cause also. The list goes on and on; ebay is bad business for buyers and sellers alike.

O easy says:

Well something does not sound right. I kind of believe Frank is telling the truth but some details are fishy. Even after this, why did you not sue her? File a restraining order. If what your saying is true then sue for defamation, lilbel !!! The fact that you didnt take the proper course of action proves that something is wrong. If the cindy person is indeed that asshole that you claim she is then, shes a fucking bitch. Anyway Frank talk to a lawyer, see you later.

guest says:

ebay is filled with fraud

I am leaving ebay. I’ve stopped listing and buying for the most part but there are so many deadbeat bidders that it’s not worth it. The big trick with buyers now is to reverse charges on sellers and it happens all the time but sellers still accept paypal. I can’t understand it. Ebay never leaves strikes on accounts for deadbeats. What a joke when you file a dispute

Sick of Ebay Too says:

Sick Of Ebay

Well….my story is about 2 weeks long now. Everything fine…over 300 fb, doing business…100% positive feedback…all is well. Then BAM….try to logon and I AM SUSPENDED DUE TO SHILL BIDDING.

Okay…first of all…I am a moderator in a group. We had to kick some psycho nut out of the group…she gets kicked out of all the groups. So~she is relentless, acting evil…sending emails. We all ignore her.

So…two weeks ago. I get kicked off and so does my sister. To make a long story short…we were accused of shill bidding…increasing the price of an auction. Family members, friends, co-workers, anyone who knows someone…can not bid. No problem…my sister did not bid..she used BIN. Which according to EBAY, is the way to do it. She bought, she paid and that was it. Something she wanted and probably to help me out with $$$, since she has much more then me.

They say….7 day suspension. Okay…nothing after 7 days…several more emails to them and their shitty *safe harbor*. They send me an email to fill out promising not to let anyone shill bid…okay, DUMB DUMB…not doing that in the first place… I send it. NO response back…now several days.

Try to call them…they do not discuss the account. No response…still suspended for something that is totally incorrect. Oh…the lady we kicked off,she emailed me to say hahaha…she claims all she had to do was tell them my sister purchase my auction. Without even checking if it was or not..they suspended us.

My income and ability to stay home with my kids….comes from Ebay. I have several customers who auction ended when I got suspended…request their money back and not want product. Ebay kept all the listing fees when they cancelled 200 auctions I had running….$1.35 a pop.

Stilll waiting Ebay…I am already forced to accept a job this coming week. No more stay at home mom…Ebay ruined my life and my families…I hate them.

Downunder Seller Dirty on eBay says:

Re: Sick Of Ebay

Exactly the same thing has happened to me and my family. eBay uses ISP tracking Devices to record which computers people are logging onto ebay with. If they see more than one member signing in from each computer, and that other member places a bid on your item, you are accused of shill bidding and suspended indefinately. I am a power seller with 3000+ feedbacks and am an ebay trading partner for 4 different sellers, which means I place their listings for them. I also teach elderly people from my home how to get around on ebay. one of my students went online on my comp. and bid on a car I was selling for another seller. I recieved a nasty phone call from some Yank Chic and was cut off ebay Immediately. I have since been in contact with the Dept. of fair trading and they advised me that I have not broken any laws and if ebay stops you from doing what you are legally allowed to do- that is Deprivation of Liberty. Carries a Corporate fine of $600,000 per offence. I informed ebay of this and they sent me the details of their lawyer, one of 1200 they employ. I have decided on another way to get even. Start a new Auction Site with NO FEES for 12 Months and from then on then fees will be 50% cheaper than ebays. Don’t Laugh, I started Australia’s largest Flea Market that way. I think I will soon have thousands of Disgruntled ebay members to Support Me- including Ex- Employees. Keep an eye out for us on Current Affairs Programs.

pete says:


I am here to tell you that’s not stalking..And I completly agree with the guy going to the sellers house.This is America..he can go anywhere he wants.As for the gun and the extra money,Well that’s another story.If I am ever in the area of a couple of people who ripped me off on Feebay,You can bet they will be getting a visit from me….

JB (user link) says:


I would also like to sue them and hopefully my information can help you, I have been working with complaints. I succeeded against Paypal, but now ebay is my enemy. They both deserve to be sued. Please email me at

Consumer Complaint Against ebay – The Public Should Know The Truth


ebay never returns any emails and never responds to complaints, it has horrible customer service. It is stated that they will get back to you in 24 to 48 hours, which is an outright lie. ebay has not even responded to the Better Businsess Complaint which they have 30 days to do so. This is a terrible company and that is the truth, they have untrained and very unskilled employees working for them.


Please refer to Better Business Bureau Complaint ID#: 253339

This Case was against PayPal, Inc & for the same reasons Complaint Case #: 253644 was filed against ebay. Paypal admitted to making mistakes and fixed the issues. Ebay has never responded to the complaint

This will help you understand the issues:

I would first like to address the policies of ebay to help you further understand my problems and issues. It states on ebay policy that: Weapons listed on eBay U.S. must comply with the California Penal Code covering the sale of weapons. Otherwise, these items are not permitted on eBay. This can be found at: Now under current law it is illegal to sell Switchblade knives across state lines this is a Federal Offense to do so. You can buy fully illegal items on ebay and can find them under Microtech, Benchmade automatic, automatic knife, push button knife, auto knife, and semi-auto knife. The fact that the sale of such items needs local, state, and federal law enforcement to investigate such Federal crimes being committed on the auction. However there are items that are completely legal and that comply with ebay policy. I sell various items on ebay but my items are removed with unjustified means. Bill SB 274 clearly specifies the legality of Spring-Assisted knives, they are have no button in the handle, no hidden switch or trigger, they open by a thumb stud which is on the blade. I realize that with selling such items the thumb stud should be clearly visible and I make a note in my photographs to prove compliance to ebay policy with regard to being California Penal Code Compliant. I get my listing removed all the time while other members who sell the same item day in and day out are allowed to, which is correct because they are legal. The fact that I am singled out for reporting these matters to the BBB and FTC has brought me further problems with ebay. I’m told that my items are against policy; this is untrue and can be proven. I have reported the exact same items and they are allowed to be sold without revocation and I also report the completely illegal items that are continued to be sold and no actions are taken. It is very clear that this company has no idea of what the current law is and has the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. I have all the emails of my cancelled items and the responses from the company which are few. It is stated that they will get back to you in 24 to 48 hours, which is an outright lie. This problem has gone on for 6 months. It is clear that ebay does not know Bill SB 274 and furthermore know nothing of the California Penal Code regarding the sale of weapons which is ebay’s policy and the most disturbing problem the fact that they are aiding breaking Federal Laws with the sale of fully automatic weapons on the site. Ebay needs to be held accountable for allowing illegal items to be sold and also accountable for terrible customer service and they themselves should be aware of the truly legal items which they remove without justifiable clause. Ebay seems to make up policy as they feel fit and this should not be allowed. If policy is not upheld and does not apply to everyone then ebay is guilty of breeching the contract that they them self have written. I would like help with the correct channels that these issues can be addressed and for me to seek legal action against ebay. This behavior is unacceptable for a business to condone and must be rectified. These issues I have raised with ebay are serious ones, the customer service is non-existent, the untrained and unskilled employees working for this company, the total disregard for current law, and the fact they are in breech of the contract set forth in the user agreement and policy.


ebay is continueing to harass me and end my auction because I have filed with the FTC, Better Business Bureau, & California’s Attorney Generals Office. This behavior is aweful and should not be allow. The new issue is that my eBay Listing are Removed because of Circumvention of eBay Fees. This involves Excessive Shipping Charges Policy. I do not cheat this system in any way at all this is an outright lie by this company because of the previous complaints I have entered. This policy is not fair and should be look into for being unlawful. These are my reasons. The online purchase of items using Paypal or Bidpay, which currently are the only options, require you to send items with tracking numbers and require signatures upon delivery. If you mail an item even if the ebay buyer want it to be sent by regular mail the seller is easily defrauded. A buyer on ebay simply has to file a complaint and when the seller can not supply a tracking number and a signature then the seller will loose the sale and the money will be refunded to the buyer. This is a serious loophole in the system for fraud from buyers and needs to be address. So with this into consideration I am forced to ship with more expensive shipping methods such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS Priority and require signatures to protect myself from being defrauded by such fraudsters on ebay, and now ebay is telling me this is against policy and that I am in violation of shipping practices. I would love to have any help from in damaging ebay’s image and being to light such practices that are serious problems to consumers & retailers alike. This should also be further added to my other complaints with this company because they seem to act very childish and are singleing me out for reporting them, which should furthermore be against the law because of unethical practices. Thank you for your time and your help.

Best thing to do is to report them, please file complaints at:

Federal Trade Commission at:$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01

Better Business Bureau at:

California’s Attorney General at:

US Attorney General:




Report Illegal Activity

to the FBI at:

Or contact:

The ATF:

US Attorney General:

US Department of Justice Criminal Division:

US Department of Justice:


I hate how ebay employees treat the buyers & sellers who use this auction platform,

So please report them for violations

Revege on ebay is possible.

Ted Wells (user link) says:

Trademark Fraud

My Ebay user id’s : twells1174 & slbowser use the Red Devil lye name and picture logo and I’ve been threatened to not use it, but I still do! Ebay don’t care – I use it on my website and ebay. I have not affiliation with Red Devil, but there is not anyone on ebay who cares enough to stop me LOL! My profits are huge. I even name one of my ebay stores the RED DEVIL LYE store. I LOVE EBAY !

David says:

Same here, wow I am utterly amazed with how much bad stuff there is on Ebay and Paypal. This has got the be the worst talked about company in history by far.

I too am a seller and have been fighting to get out of ebay prison for years. I’ve made new accounts with new names trying to get around them because as we all know you CAN NOT reason with them. They do not breath. I loved that guys analogy up at the top, its like having a conversation with a car alarm!

Oh and have you seen how how they are advertising their Ebay Express like crazy. I did a search recently for cameras, and at the top, in bold and colorful is “BUY NEW FROM EBAY EXPRESS”

Is that stabbing your sellers in the back or what? Almost looks like they’re trying to move towards getting rid of auctions all together? Who knows.. All I know is that my business relied on them and now I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

Wish we could all pick a new auction site, theres gotta be 100,000 of us, throw in a dollar each and run some commercials for it nation wide! HAHA…


BLF says:


First if you use paypal and don’t get the item the seller has to either refund your money,or give paypal a confirmation number.Not all sellers are dishonesty,but we also deal with dishonest buyers.Non paying bidders,bidders who buy then try to get some money back by complaining,paying with fraudulant cards(always make sure thier verified on paypal).7 years ago ebay allowed shoes,a certain seller (MSselene) cornered the market on used shoes.Why?cause her and her girls constantly sent ebay false reports therefore ebay shut down other sellers auctions.My daughter even got emails from them saying they we’re watching her auctions,her an her girls and would have every one shut down….which eventually they had her and others banned…..You constantly live with the threat from ebay that an honest seller could lose thier income from a disgruntled buyer.One buyer purchased a picture for $65.00 but wanted it insured for $250. I said I couldnt do that as she purchased it for $65 and that was fraud. I insured it for $65…oh guess what,it arrived shattered and broken(bubble wrapped,double boxed,popcorn).The buyer wanted the insurance for $65,and for me to pay the difference of the $250 she wanted it insured for!!! According to the buyer if I had insured it for $250 she could have bought the picture again! After a couple months of going around and around with her and the threat of ebay banning me I finally resolved it… threatening to send everything to the postal inspector……..lifes great……..also,send a postal money order when paying,if you dont get your items its mail fraud…….I agree tho,I wish there was another auction site that would give ebay a run for thier money…….sadly yahoo has a good format but not enough sellers and buyers.

Sam says:

Buyers beware

I’ll jump in on this. I recently purchased an item and sent money to the guy…found out a week later there was no item. Found out from other ebayers that he has been doing business under multiple names. And just now watched his feedback rating become private. Amazing, isn’t it? What is eBay doing for me? Nothing! The item wasn’t that big in price at $48…but phuck, people, where does it end?

Oh, eBay offered to get me my money back minus $25…because hell…they have to pay their Goddamned stock holders still.

fatboy says:

Ebay & Paypal phone numbers has all these phone numbers.
When you call one of Ebay’s “secret” phone numbers they always say “How did you get this number?” ALWAYS.
You say, “Why – is it a secret?” They will say “no”. Same routine every time. Hilarious. Don’t tell them where you got the number. None of their ******* business where you got it.

robert m (user link) says:

Selling As Is on ebaym getting suspended

a complainer of a customer asked no questions, bid on , paid for and then demanded that i pay for shipping back the guitar he bought from me because he lied about the condition and the packaging. ebay sided with him even tho i listed it as in good not poor condition and sold the item as is for only $59. this customer according to another feedback is a complainer even after another seller had abided by ebays crooked policies. is there anything i can do? what would u do? i played the guitar and it worked fine. i only took off the neck, secured the screws m plate so that nothing would move around in the box w newpapers and shipped him his guitar. he complained about the wear and tear for a used guitar which in my opinion was in good condition and which i played merely hours before shipping it. so in other words am i mistaken in thinking anyone can go on ebay and order something, complain, demand a refundm make the seller incur costs for shipping and shutdown any ebay seller because they do not ask questions or understand what as is implies? pls if someone has some epinions on this feel free to email me or him. this really pisses me off. i only sold that guitar because i needed the money. if i had alot of money i would have kept it for myself because it played nicely. what an ass!

KRR (user link) says:

eBay seller harrassing me for neutral feedback

I bought a car cover (theamazingrollupcarcover) for my husband’s BMW, which it stated online would fit his model. It was way too big, and the wimpy string provided doesn’t help, so the wind easily blows it off. The seller got our contact info from eBay, spoke to my husband, and sent out another one, but of inferior quality and wrong fabric for our purposes. I left a neutral comment, not negative, just factual, stating “Item was too big, so we were sent another, but it was wrong fabric.” That night, the seller started calling us and has called every night since, except last night. The first call was at 11:40 p.m., and he called at least 9 more times through the night. On the first call, after several times of me saying Hello, Who is this?, he said, “I have a question. Are you having intercourse?” I hung up. This was the first neutral feedback he’s ever received, and now he’s gone psycho on me. (Neutral feedback doesn’t even affect a seller’s rating/score.) The weird thing is, I went back online to leave another feedback, negative this time, and it never appeared on his record. eBay customer service basically told me that they can’t help me because phone calls are considered a private matter. Does anyone know of a phone number where I can contact eBay? They gave him my contact number initially, so they are partially liable for his actions. And they refuse to address him about this at all. HELP!

Justice for all honest bebe sellers on ebay says:

Cali and Florida Illegal Criminals selling bebe on ebay

Bebe seller imarriedmylawyer** is a CRIMINAL THIEF. First of all SHE IS NOT A LAWYER, NAME WAS CREATED TO BACK PEOPLE OFF! She literally destroyed 5 sellers i know who sold the same items as this illegal did, destroyed them with negative smoke or stinky item remarks in their feedback which made everybody else jump on the bandwagon. Here’s the catch, she sells under bebestyle2007, her conspirators include mels_closet, brian3857, i*buy*authentic*items*only*not*fake,

Girl you are so right says:

Re: Cali and Florida Illegal Criminals selling bebe on ebay

Honey let me tell you imarriedmylawyer** has so many names from frida kahalo to cindycrawford4U this woman is nuts aside from being a thief she changes her location from cali to florida heres the real deal, she uses all her purses keeps the tags then lists them as used only once. ROFLMAO! she always used her purses she got all her friends to destroy one seller because she was so jealous of the seller. then she has that vero trick she uses she reports all her competition so she can charge 8 times the amount if your seling it cheaper look out. we are on to her big time and her compadres toshe is evil and will go the distance to destroy anybody that sells bebe she has a slide show shows allof her houses she owns then takes pictures in them and lists under bebe_for_less she is stupid and she robbed the hell out of me charged me 189 dollars for a used bag swore she didnt use it it stunk it was nauseating. smelled of lotsss of smokeeee and vomit or whatever she did to it i won the dispute she tried to bribe me to remove negative thief liar and ebay should kick her off this evil witch

eBuster (user link) says:

eBay Forum

Yes say a word out of place in the forum and the PR team jump into action but you can view all these posts on our site.

eBay say it has 233m members but if you read the small print then this 233m soon becomes 14m for the UK and you could add 20% more for the USA but this still leaves you a very long way from eBays 233m figure.

eBuster put the total for active members at about 33m members.

and that includes all the shill bid accounts and accounts set up for nothing more than selling feedback and if you think these are small numbers then take a look here were 1000’s of feedback adverts are listed.

or here where we have a bidder with just 6 points retracting 275 bids

or this one where a bidder has 72 bids with the same seller.

eBays responce is to cook the book when they have been caught out.

but Google cached pages saves the day.

Take a look at ‘Books Fiction’ on eBay UK and it says it has about 2.5m items listed so if you take 2.5m and divide by 15 days and 200 items per page then you should see about 833 pages of these books each day but the highest page you will get to is about 251 and it will show items are ending in about 23 hours time if ordered by ‘Ending soonest’ so where are the other 500 pages.

eBay says crime only accounts for something like 0.01% of items and it is doing all it can to help members so how come i can write software with limited access to data that spots gang activity a mile away.

eBay is doing all it can to hide data and will not answer why bidder in the UK are all called bidder 1-20 and the USA has two digit alias and not a ten digit unique alias but i think we can all work that one out for ourselves and now if you take the time to look at the bid history for cars you find a page full of new members and yellow stars.

Sorry but eBay can not claim to have masses of loyal members if none of them are bidding and any figures from eBay must be taken with a large pinch of salt.

aaron s says:

that is why you do Craigslist instead of ePay!!! or eBay

list and sell your stuff on Craigslist, a much smaller market, but then you can see the ass hole coming and call the police, which does not happen at all on Craigslist. I think Craigslist is like eBay was ten years ago, friendy, family oriented, and e’mono to e’mono, person to person buisness transaction that rarely goes wrong unlike PayPal and eBay. Ebay is just way too big for it’s Ego now and into the hands of the big Corporations !!! like Congress is owned by the Banking system and Wallstreet and always has since the 1960’s. There is no going back for eBay’s Ego to the good old days of trusting business relationships and fair listing pricing. Just like Congress, there is no going back and no way to fixing eBay now. Move on to other new auction sites and give them your money and spread the news to everybody !!!

Charlene says:

EBAY seller who was a SCARY Weirdo

I bought something on EBAY from a seller with no bad feedback on his profile. I believe he bullied his buyers and scared them them so bad prior to their posting bad feedback that they feared for their lives and did not submit negative feedback. I bought a $30 item that was broken when it arrived. When I informed the seller, he began a campaign of acting strange, sending swearing threatening emails outside of the EBAY communications system. He sent me a photo of where I lived, and other personal information about me along with a threat to come to where I lived. I Complained to EBAY and although he violated policy they just told me to call police. The abusive emails were so scary it made me decide to never ever buy @ ebay again where a crazed seller gets my home address and email.

HelgaH says:

Don't give out ur home address on eBay...

It’s rare that you get a good read on a seller/buyer before a transaction is completed. For this reason I’d recommend not using your home address when dealing with eBay (if possible). Within just a couple transactions after registering I hit a ‘lemon’ seller who is extremely manipulative, vaguely threatening and just generally creepy. He lives far away but I hate that he has my home address. If you have any other option (po box, etc.), I’d really recommend using that instead. This guy in question has tip-top ratings (all automatically generated I’m sure), so you can’t always tell before you give out ur address. Creepy creepy creepy. It could just as easily happen to a seller. I’ve reported him to eBay but there’s so much red tape I doubt they’ll get anything done and no matter what he still has my address. I know I’m over-reacted because it’s happening right now but still I just don’t really feel safe on eBay as a result. I probably won’t use it for a little while.

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