Huge Planet Found Beyond Pluto

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Astronomers claim to have found a 10th planet beyond Pluto. Though there is some continued debate as to the “planet-ness” of Pluto, astronomers are calling this object a planet since they are confident that this object, dubbed 2003 UB313, is much larger than Pluto. Apparently it’s a good day for Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs), since an object, 2003 EL61,70% the size of Pluto was also announced today. Man, two TNOs in one day? It’s like Christmas. Maybe that’s why they nicknamed 2003 EL61 “Santa“. Update Astronomer Mike Brown’s webpage about the 10th planet states “We have proposed a name to the IAU and will announce it when that name is accepted.” Hmmm.. Can anyone fathom a guess of the secret name? (Hint: take a look at the page title.. or url..)

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Comments on “Huge Planet Found Beyond Pluto”

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john fehn says:

Pluto a planet?

~~when i was in high school, i was taught that Pluto was NOT a planet. now that rumors abound that there’s another planet beyond pluto, the question resurfaces about Pluto’s status and on one science site, we the public are asked the question, is it or is it not a planet? to me it seems that size should have something to do with it but it?s all just semantics really. so, i made up my own rule: in order to be considered planets, planet-like objects must be either visible to the unaided eye (like mercury) or larger than any known moon in the solar system, which Pluto and this new guy aren?t . so that?s my 2 cents. cheers.

Dave G says:

Re: Pluto a planet?

well as a youngen and still in school, they now teach us that there are 9 planets… including pluto, so i guess this debate was solved in the past already… and correct me if im wrong but doesnt a planet need a moon in order to be classified as a planet? i thought i heard that somewhere.

Mike says:

10th Planet

Don’t take that name on the page as the name of the planet…from the site itself:

For those speculating that the name proposed is “Lila” based on the web site name I must warn you that that is really just a sentimental dad’s early morning naming of a web site for his three week old daughter and one should not take it too seriously!

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