Now You Better Worry About Podcast Viruses Too

from the when-will-it-end dept

Ah, FUD is always so much better when it’s prefaced with a “Not to make you panic or anything”, isn’t it? Because you know that some lovely virus hype goodness is sure to follow. Today, it’s podcasts you need to be afraid of. Apparently because several Windows media players have been hit by malware, the fact that multimedia files can be downloaded automatically makes podcasting a greater threat than downloading infected files by hand — when having an updated media player or taking other simple steps would appear to be an effective way to head off the threat. In today’s other security overreaction news, the National Association of Securities Dealers, for whom encryption would appear to be part of the great unknown, has warned people not to access financial accounts over public WiFi connections in just the latest in the string of overestimated WiFi security risks.

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Comments on “Now You Better Worry About Podcast Viruses Too”

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Jimmy Thomas (user link) says:

This is the reason...

… that networks need to be looked at. Anyone can sniff an http packet. Even if you use client side encryption, the packet could be recreated. Sure, it will stop them from getting your actual password, but who’s to stop them from using that SHA1 or MD5 directly in their packet that spoofs your connection?
Kinda sucks, but such is life.

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