Getting Out From Under ID Theft Isn't Easy

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One of the biggest problems with identity theft isn’t necessarily what it does immediately to its victims, but the mess it leaves for them. The way things are structured now, the entire process of picking up the pieces is placed on the victims, which is quite a pain. Not only that, but it’s very difficult for identity theft victims to convince everyone necessary to fix the situation — which is why over a quarter of victims say they’ve been unable to clear their name after a year of trying. No wonder some are saying that we need to shift the burden before companies take identity theft seriously.

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Comments on “Getting Out From Under ID Theft Isn't Easy”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I believe it

I haven’t had problems with anyone stealing my identity, but I sure have had problems with credit reporting agencies mangling my identity.

I’ve been currently wrestling with Experian for the past few months. They merged my records with another person with the same name, but different SSN and different birthdate. You’d think 2 SSNs and 2 birthdates on one record would raise a flag for them.

I’ve gotten most of the bogus stuff off except for for one public record from a state I’ve never been too. Experian says its the clerk’s fault for verifying the record and their’s nothing they can do about it. The clerk says he just verifies the existence of the public record requested (he agrees its not me) and its Experian’s fault for matching it to my record. I’m frustrated, and want to know who’s liable for this libel.

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