Telemarketers Will Stop Bothering The Dead For $1

from the how-sweet-of-them dept

Perhaps telemarketers are really feeling the pinch since the
instigation of so many do not call lists. First, they try to get state
do-not-call laws pre-empted
by a single federal rule, and now,
they’ve come up with a great idea to generate some revenues: charge people a
dollar to have their deceased loved ones’ names removed from calling
. See, the Direct Marketing Association really are a sweet
bunch of people, since they recognize “how emotionally and
logistically difficult the process of handling someone’s final
affairs can be. Our goal with the creation of the list is to assist
those who are managing this process.” And that dollar charge? It’s
for “credit card verification” so they can stop “fraud” of the
system. Funny, you’d think telemarketers would be glad to know when
somebody on their list died so they wouldn’t have to waste resources
trying to call them, and as far as fraud, it’s hard to see anybody
really getting too upset if somebody told telemarketers they were
dead. Dinner interruptions may be annoying, but it’s moves like this
that illustrate why nobody likes telemarketers.

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