We Need A Separate Domain To Manage Our Contact Info?

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ICANN has certainly approved some weird top level domains lately. The only rationale for most of these is to force companies to register another set of domains to funnel more money to registrars… and back to ICANN as well. At least with .mobi there was a clear, if misguided and somewhat troublesome, rationale for it (the idea that we need a separate mobile internet). However, others seem to have no real purpose at all. Last year there was the approval of .jobs — for companies to use to post job openings. Was there really any demand for this? Were companies having trouble posting jobs to their existing .com websites? Along the same lines, we now will have the .tel domain. There were competing proposals for this. Jeff Pulver’s plan was to use .tel to map a phone number to a URL — which could be valuable, but which the ENUM folks are trying to accomplish separately. So, instead, .tel has been awarded to be used as a domain for companies to post their contact info. Why is this needed? Were there really complaints that companies couldn’t post their contact info on their existing website? The only purpose this serves is to force companies into buying these new domains to give money to the registrars. So, if the jobs page and the contact page now have separate domains, it’s going to get pretty easy to start predicting what’s next. Just look down any corporate website and pick out the major headings. Will we have a .products domain next? How about .news for press releases and news coverage? .aboutus for the about page? Or maybe .mgmt for the page about the company’s management. Don’t forget .support for the support pages, .partners for things about partners and .ir for the investor relations page. I’m sure there are more that people can come up with as well — none of which are actually needed.

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Comments on “We Need A Separate Domain To Manage Our Contact Info?”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: new extensions

Heh. Don’t you mean as someone who sells domains? Seems like you might be a bit biased…

At the same time, I have no problem with TLD extensions if they simply opened it up and allowed any extension. This dribbling out of random extensions for specific, pointless purposes is simply a way to get more money for domain resellers like yourself.

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