The Pollution Eating City

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There’s been a growing interest in things like “self-cleaning” windows and bathroom tiles — but some researchers want to take the cleaning a bit further. If those windows and tiles can clean up the grime right there, why not have them suck up some of the surrounding pollution as well. At least, that’s the idea some are presenting as a way to build cities that “eat” away at pollution. Of course, the fact that it’s being presented by a company that would sell the stuff might make you wonder. Also, it seems like they would have to do an awful lot of pollution eating to make a difference, and it would appear to be quite difficult to do that. It’s a nice idea, but don’t expect any pollution free cities based on these buildings just yet.

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Comments on “The Pollution Eating City”

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Anonymous of Course says:

Re: Maybe not so far-fetched

It’s here now. You can buy ceramic tile and air purification machines that use titanium dioxide (sometimes combined with manganese dioxide) and UV light to break down various substances. The University of Wisconsin and Cal Poly among many has been researching other applications and processes in this area. I look forward to the prices dropping to where the average Joe, like me, can afford to purchase them.

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