419 Scammers Rounded Up

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In the past, most crackdowns against various Nigerian advanced-fee 419 scams have been finding one or two people involved, rather than shutting down the entire infrastructure needed to support the scams. Perhaps that’s changing. Officials in Spain have rounded up over 300 individuals associated with a massive 419 scam. Apparently, the group had been able to defraud 20,000 suckers — which is still quite amazing. In this day and age, how is it that anyone cannot be aware of the 419 scam? It’s amazing how greed can blind people to the fact that they’re being scammed.

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Comments on “419 Scammers Rounded Up”

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1 Comment
Ivan Sick says:

No Subject Given

It’s not really so amazing. There’s a ton of people out there who are still stupid. Many of them are new to computers–they don’t even know how to get an email account, much less figure out what’s real and what’s not–but even the people who can navigate Windows relatively capably are idiots. I know this because they’re the target market of the company I work for. (We refurbish computers) I don’t mean to rag on my customers, but it stares me right in the face every day.

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