Grand Theft Auto's Rating Carjacked

from the this-never-happened-with-pitfall dept

The Electronic Software Ratings Board today pulled the “M” rating from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, re-rating it as “Adults Only” (meaning now one must be 18 to purchase the game, instead of 17). This follows pressure from politicians for whom drug use, carjacking, killing and other extreme violence are apparently okay for kids, but not some cartoon consensual sex that’s visible only through the use of a third-party modification. The game’s producer also lowered its earning estimates for the quarter based on the ratings change, since presumably many stores will refuse to carry it (even though they’ll still carry the add-on device needed to unlock the mod), and plans to release a patched version of the game that eliminates the source of the ruckus. Last week, the ESRB defended the original M rating, its president pointing out that in addition to the 17-and-up designation the rating carried, it carried designations for “intense violence, blood and gore, strong sexual content, strong language and use of drugs” — which wasn’t a strong enough warning to keep Hillary Clinton from calling the ratings system “broken”. Either she thinks parents are too stupid to understand what the rating and warnings very clearly spell out, or somebody’s overreacting. What becomes a more troubling issue for games makers is whether they’ll be held responsible for third-party modifications to their games.

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Comments on “Grand Theft Auto's Rating Carjacked”

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spam says:


More ‘feel good’ mentality. More ‘protect the children’ BS.

I’m going to buy TWO copies of the game and then seek out this patch. I want to play it now. Oh, and I’m 30, no kids.

Silly move on their part.. and piss on what Wall Street thinks of it. Shortsighted “investor” idiots. Same idiots that frown on Costco for not screwing their employees like Wal-Mart.

Ivan Sick says:

Re: Re: ugh

I vote for stupid (rather than blowing out of proportion.) Or rather, blowing out of proportion because of stupid.
Oh, yes, the downfall of society. I forgot about that. Yes, a naked video game will change everything.
I’m sorry, what do you mean by “You are all a bunch of freaks”? Do you mean that anyone who’s read this article (besides yourself of course) is some kind of deviant pervert? And has even played the game?

eeyore says:

Re: Trivia of the Day

Geez, Dorpus, you act like that’s news. Truck tires have to be inflated to higher pressure because they carry like 50 times as much weight per tire as a car, and they can explode with the force of a quarter of a stick of dynamite.

They don’t “spontaneously explode.” It’s called a blowout and it happens thousands of times a day but usually while the truck is in motion and is caused by a worn-out or defective tire.

Next you’re going to tell us that people spontaneously explode.

your mom says:

what do you think the subject is...

what the heck. if that the case then shouldn’t they make the mods Adult Only? out of the millions of millions upon millions of players of these types of games how many do they really effect. heck we’re not really sure they really effect anyone, maybe they are faking. i think this rating change is completely unreasonable. it is these things that really bring down society. they make people want to disobey and do it anyways, or do something even worse.

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