Piracy Concerns Prevent Harry Potter E-book, Don't Stop Homebrew Version

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Given the crazy level of security around the release of hard copies of the latest Harry Potter book and the ruthless efficiency of the distribution of previous installments, it’s hardly surprising to hear that the books’ author and publishers won’t allow e-books to be made. But their resistance — on concerns that it would be “pirated” or simple disinterest — didn’t stop a band of people from around the world from making their own e-book version within 12 hours of the hardcopy release by coordinating their efforts over IRC channelsto scan in the books and used OCR software to spit out a DRM-free electronic copy. So, as Boing Boing points out, people that want to buy the e-book can’t, but they can go find the DIY version and get it for free. So, for all the talk that a Harry Potter e-book wouldn’t sell well because it’s a kid’s book, it would seem that this global, coordinated effort would prove a market for it exists.

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Comments on “Piracy Concerns Prevent Harry Potter E-book, Don't Stop Homebrew Version”

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dorpus says:

What if e-books start WW3?

A new comic book to be published next week in Japan details anti-Korean information, including chapters on how Korean comfort women didn’t exist, there were no forced laborers, Korea is Japanese territory, their language is not a true language, they have no culture, etc.

The book is already the #1 bestseller on Amazon’s Japanese site, and is expected to sell like Harry Potter is here. Japanese-Korean relations are already at a low point over territorial disputes and textbook issues, and this is expected to fan that flame. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are London-style bombings of Japanese subways, or if even South Korea declares war on Japan over the book.

The book has its own web page,


tarak says:

Re: What if e-books start WW3?

Your description is far different from what is written in this comic book.

Though it takes manga style, it is a serious reseach book about
Korea and her reality. Well written, and based on the real facts. Each episode
has persuative quotations.

This would be a good book to improve Japanese-Korean relations.

Matty says:

Harry Potter #5 was made into a DIY eBook

If you don’t mind the speedily edited (meaning all the fouled up puncuation and page breaks) e-book, this is a good way to read Harry Potter if you have yet to break down and buy the book. I can’t imagine this impacting sales too much, any book that sells $100 million in 24 hours is going to be just fine, they should just throw in the ebook for free and let you read it whenever and wherever you want!

fgc says:

cost of publishing an ebook?

first off, the broken record statement: why should somebody whose books sell like hotcakes with crack rocks on top worry at all about ebook piracy? we have already seen the trend that piracy increases with the popularity of a work (i.e. sales). in the book realm, ebooks (even non-DRM) are FAR less popular than my favorite, the analog book, so ebook piracy shouldn’t make the slightest theoretical dent in any sales figures. we know that somebody with the urge to reprint a pdf and bind it or willing to collaborate on scanning the whole thing a proofreading is a megafan anyway.

second, why, with your obvious fortune in the potter empire would you not try the ebook thing? how expensive could it be? perhaps by putting your successful work into the “weaker” markets, such as ebooks, you might boost their economics & further promote potter worship. maybe the publishers don’t like the licensing costs of DRM technology providers. boo hoo.

Marion Gropen (profile) says:

Re: cost of publishing an ebook?

First, if you want basic typesetting (which makes a text MUCH easier on the eyes), or any of the other myriad things that publishers contribute to a work, then ebook publishing costs quite a bit. The only things missing are PPB (paper, printing and binding) and warehouse/shipping costs. Those are less than half the COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) on most titles.

Second, any author/rights-holder should have the absolute right to say how his or her work is published. We may really, really want it in another form, but that’s our problem. You don’t always get what you want.

Analogy: Suppose I don’t like a girl’s hairstyle. Maybe she’s a rock star and I’m her biggest fan. Do I have the right to walk up to her and change it? Because I really, really want to? And I know she’ll get better press? Of course not. Same thing with the presentation of an author’s work. It comes out in their choice of formats, no matter how stupid we think the decision is.

gid (user link) says:

Stop It

What fucking tools some of you are… Why the hell would you post your email address on a public forum so spammers can come along and pick them up? All for what? The chance that someone may take pitty on you and send you a virus laden email that might contain an ebook? Here is a hint, look on and of your favorite torrent websites! Asshats…

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