Kozlowski's Son-In-Law Should Have Asked For Advice

from the ain't-no-party-like-an-expense-account-party dept

Former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski’s credibility is pretty much in tatters these days, what with his conviction on charges related to his penchant for sticking his hands in company coffers and the tales of the outrageous lifestyle he enjoyed at shareholders’ expense. But, if he’s an authority on anything, it’s the consequences of having huge parties that aren’t properly paid for — and that’s some knowledge he should have shared with his son-in-law, Thomas Bruderman, whose bachelor party is now the focus of an investigation by securities authorities. Bruderman was working for Fidelity Investments in March 2003 when he had a bachelor party in Miami, including what the Wall Street Journal describes as “a stay at the ritzy Delano Hotel for some, a yacht cruise and entertainment by at least one dwarf hired for the occasion.” Bruderman’s apparent penchant for “lavish dwarf entertainment” (three words I’d never have guessed to see in the WSJ) aside, several Wall Street brokers, angling for Fidelity’s business, are alleged to have picked up the tab, breaking securities rules. Kozlowski, whose daughter Bruderman married just before his first trial in the Tyco matter, was a guest at the party, even having his photo taken with a dwarf. You’d think he might have learned his lesson, given the furor surrounding the birthday party he threw his wife with $1 million of Tyco money, in which 75 guests were flown to Sardinia for a week for a Roman-themed bash with Speedo-clad waiters and an ice sculpture of Michelangelo’s David, complete with vodka flowing from its penis. Old habits die hard, I guess.

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Comments on “Kozlowski's Son-In-Law Should Have Asked For Advice”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Oh wow

Business people have ethics standards? That is surprisingly good news.

When I used to be a software engineer and I told people I happen to have a disability, people would assume I’m lying and act very rude. Now that I’m a medical researcher, nobody ever questions the fact that I have a disability, and they practically bow down before me.

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