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More Rockstars Realize The Value Of Free

from the slowly,-but-surely dept

It’s unfortunate that these types of stories still make news (as opposed to just being common everyday business in the music industry), but as the recording industry continues to live in the dark ages in understanding how the internet and free music can actually help the music industry, it’s at least encouraging to see some musicians figuring it out. The latest is the rock group, Carbon Silicon, with a pretty good pedigree (The Clash, Generation X), which is encouraging everyone to record and share their music. Even better, they’re recognizing that they can offer more than just the finished product to fans, and are showing how songs evolve over time, even posting demo versions to their website. They are, of course, not the only band to be doing this, but it is another recognizable one. Still, if you go to the band’s website, they hardly seem to be promoting this aspect of their efforts. You would think, if part of the appeal is getting more people to listen to their music, that they’d make it much easier to find it.

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