When Your Imaginary Friend Is Bill Gates

from the immenient-imagination dept

When kids have imaginary friends, they usually are actually imaginary. Not one kid in India, who is going around telling people that he’s working for Bill Gates as Microsoft’s “Immenient (sic) Chief Executive Officer of Technology.” Apparently, either Bill or this kid needs a spelling lesson (guess which one is more likely). Microsoft, of course, has confirmed that the kid has nothing to do with the company, and the email address the kid claims goes straight to Gates (who he “chats” with on a regular basis) goes straight to bounceville. Of course, maybe the reason Microsoft has no record of the Immenient Chief Executive Officer of Technology, is because: “Though I was offered a salary of $5,000 per week, I refused to charge them for my services, as in that case I would have to give them more time.” That’s because, in his spare time, he claims to be working on both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Harvard. As for what he talks to Gates about, “we often interact online whenever either of us needs the other’s guidance.” It seems like only one of the two really needs “guidance” here.

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Comments on “When Your Imaginary Friend Is Bill Gates”

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dave says:

No Subject Given

this reminds me of that kid in india who claimed to win some NASA think-tank prize, he claimed that he had went to London (on an airline that doesn’t fly to london) and stayed in a 5 star hotel in the city and took a taxi to Oxford University every day for a 5hr test for some period of days… don’t remember specifics, i think it was mentioned here on techdirt…

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